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F3 masks with sun visors --- SOLD

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    • By wolfe_man
      Buyer wouldn't respond (FB user - not a UE brother) so after 2 weeks of waiting, these are back up for sale.
      Your choice $120 shipped OBO.  (with UL harness instead of F3 strap - $130 shipped)
      Black is in very good condition.  Looks new other than wear to chin pad.  I'll throw in an extra black top pad that has the MiLB extra cushioning with the mask if want it. It's used, but hard to notice with the top pad. Tan has been used more and color has faded to a dull grey.  I actually like the color - it's grown on me.  I have brand new tan pads and a new sun visor on it.  I also have a brand new F3 strap (thanks @spiffdawg7) for it. I'm open to changing pads and straps for either frame.  If you want tan pads on the black frame - or black pads on grey frame.
      I could be enticed to add an UmpLife neoprene harness (pre-cam) if you would want one with a mask for an additional fee.  I have 2 harnesses available, so I can add to both frames if you so desire.
      Thanks for your time!

    • By BT_Blue
      Looking for opinions on the Umplife Rayflex mask harness. 
      I am wanting to place the an order with Ray. But am waffling on the mark harness.
    • By Thunderheads
      Hi all ...
      Black Belgard pads, w/ the red and white logo .... worn maybe 6 or 8 times max.  Great shape.  $50 shipped.  PM me

    • By wolfe_man
      Very good shape.
      I use my Reeboks mostly and don't need these as a backup anymore.
      Will include shipping to continental USA with $45 pricing.

    • By kylehutson
      Don't worry, this is the extent of comparing my talent level with Kurt Suzuki.
      This is what I'm referencing:
      So last night I was in a high school varsity game. No super-stars on the team, I'm guessing pitches were in the low to mid 70's. Fast ball comes in high, the catcher completely whiffs it, and the ball hits my F3 Defender v2 right about in the same place as it does Suzuki in the video from the above link (just below the eye opening, and almost dead-center left-to-right). And darn if I don't have an abrasion and a bruise right where he did.
      Today I got my mask back out and I think I figured out why. The back of the bracket the springs are attached to is right behind the stitching of the padding, so there's essentially no padding there. It seems like if the mask gets torqued downward, the brace can hit your chin with very little padding. Don't get me wrong, if I was wearing my old Diamond with the memory-foam pads, I'd have probably had a concussion, but it's still frustrating that I got hurt wearing what should be the best thing on the market.
      Here are some photos I just took
      1) The bruise and abrasion on my chin
      2) How the mask sits on my face (yes, I know the straps are twisted, I was just trying to show the positioning
      3) A close-up of the brace and the padding (or lack thereof) in that location.

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