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Hello World,

Long time umpire here. I've been umpiring since I was 13. My first job ever was lining fields and calling games. I hung onto the love of the game via umpiring and kept it as my side gig. I've called everything from 9u all the way up to 50+ mens' leagues. I've done U-trip, AAU, Pony, and was UIC/Scheduler for my hometown when I was 16 until about 21. Never got a state cert as I have a pretty steady career in industrial engineering/construction. This year, I'm looking to really get into my umpiring gig, as it is my reprieve from work. I'd like to hit up every clinic I can and take advantage of any opportunity I have to learn. I've been a lurker here for some time and finally decided to take the plunge. You guys even talked me into spicing up my rig (read: Wilson Ti, TW Pads, Champro Visor, Miz TG, and Umplife Straps). Unfortunately, I didn't get the F3 shins memo before I re-upped my Wilson shins, however, I'll be biting that bullet soon enough.

I love umpiring, and I love the tight-knit community that all of these UA's seem to offer. I thought engineering was a pretty select group; boy, was I wrong. I look forward to getting to know everyone and furthering my umpiring career as much as possible. I want to thank everyone up front for their support. You've already helped my game more than you know and I look forward to reaping the benefits herein. If there is anyway I can help any of you, please feel free to reach out and I'll do whatever I can.



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Thanks for joining! Hope you continue to get as much good info here as I do.

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