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  1. Ahoy fellas, So for about 16 years now I've been sitting in scissors. In an effort to improve my game, I've thrown on the shins and a cup and tried out locking in the slot with a wide squat. First off, my zone was nails. I could sit all day and follow the pitch through the zone into the mitt.... step... call. Loved it. The issue I had, however, was harmony with the catcher. I know how to "dance" with the catcher in scissors but I'm guessing my position or footwork is off sitting in the wide squat. I tried it on 14u. Some of these cats are tall enough that I can sit nicely in the slot but some are still too short. So, instead of placing my chin on top of the catcher's helmet, I still slotted into the pitch with my eyes on top of the zone. The problem I kept having is that I was still interfering with the catcher on pitches, before the mitt. I tried mixing it up by staying atop the catcher but, as you guessed, my zone started to creep up. My interference wasn't enough for anyone else to mention (or even notice), but It was enough to drive me nuts as I always try to be the best I can. I didn't know if anyone has had this issue, especially coming out of the scissors? Should I just stick with scissors? Is this just a new dance I have to learn in the squat? Anything helps. Thanks.
  2. @redroofwoodworker yes, it isn't exactly a "duffle top" per se, but it had a massive amount of room for uniforms and toiletries. I have it loaded up for my upcoming tourny. I'll provide pics tonight when I get back.
  3. C'monBlue

    New Here

    Hello World, Long time umpire here. I've been umpiring since I was 13. My first job ever was lining fields and calling games. I hung onto the love of the game via umpiring and kept it as my side gig. I've called everything from 9u all the way up to 50+ mens' leagues. I've done U-trip, AAU, Pony, and was UIC/Scheduler for my hometown when I was 16 until about 21. Never got a state cert as I have a pretty steady career in industrial engineering/construction. This year, I'm looking to really get into my umpiring gig, as it is my reprieve from work. I'd like to hit up every clinic I can and take advantage of any opportunity I have to learn. I've been a lurker here for some time and finally decided to take the plunge. You guys even talked me into spicing up my rig (read: Wilson Ti, TW Pads, Champro Visor, Miz TG, and Umplife Straps). Unfortunately, I didn't get the F3 shins memo before I re-upped my Wilson shins, however, I'll be biting that bullet soon enough. I love umpiring, and I love the tight-knit community that all of these UA's seem to offer. I thought engineering was a pretty select group; boy, was I wrong. I look forward to getting to know everyone and furthering my umpiring career as much as possible. I want to thank everyone up front for their support. You've already helped my game more than you know and I look forward to reaping the benefits herein. If there is anyway I can help any of you, please feel free to reach out and I'll do whatever I can. Thanks, Nate
  4. Idk where your budget is, but I've ran the gamut on equip bags. The top duffle is great and all and the ump-specific bags are 4/10 imho. I finally bucked up and bought the Ogio Rig 9800. It;s an equipment bag built for Motox. Not a motox-er myself but ho-ly does this bag not exceed every bag I've used before. I've noticed with Demarini, Miz, F3, and Wilson that the zippers bust within 3 years, not enough compartments, not enough room for sprays and/or books, and the bags will tear if you pack it full of balls (oops). I finally decided to make the jump to the Ogio 9800 and couldn't be happier. Holds the following: 2 masks, 3 pants (all combo), 8 shirts, 2 cp's, 2 sets of shins, all of my sprays (scotch, sunscreen, water repel, odor-x, disinfectant), 6 hats with hat keeper, padfolio, and MiLB NFHS ORB MLB Rule Books, 2 case books, 1 mechanics book, and a mountain of league patches. I'm not a salesman for Ogio, but be damned if I wouldn't be a spokesperson. ONLY issue is the price. You can find it on amazon b/n 240-330, or you can order it from London for around 180 from Birt Bike Bitz. Hope this helps.
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