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Who is out?

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Had this one in a 14 U game played under O.B.R and was wondering if I called out the proper runner for passing.

R2 and R1.

No outs

Batter hits a gapper  to right center and runners take off while ball rolls to the fence.

R2 touches 3rd and then, for some reason, decides to run back to second  and, in doing so, causes her to run  past R1 who is heading to 3B.

I call R1 out for passing which causes R 2 to reverse course and run back to 3B and actually stand on the base.

R1 now pushes R 2 off the base shouting, “Move, you moron”!

R 2  runs home but is ( finally) thrown out at the plate.

I have since learned that I should have called R2 out when he was assisted by a retired runner but was curious if it was R2 who should have been called out for passing since it was a force situation.


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Noooooo!  Who's on first!  (Arrrgh!  Just could not resist that!)

OK, so you need to sell the call on R1 being out for passing.  "Number 22 is out for passing!"  (Repeat several times!)  In this way, that runner would know she's out and should no longer get involved in further play.  (And the ball remains in play at this point.)  [Your call was correct.]

Also, by sounding off, you have done your best to inform R2 and the 3B coacher what's going on.  Perhaps she them would not have been thrown out at home, but punish stupidity whenever possible.



Las Vegas


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