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OK, tomorrow our area's HS fall-ball (instructional) league kicks off.  It's solo for 4 hours of ball/strikes, fair/fouls, safe outs and perhaps an explanation about a rule. 

I've got 17-1/2 hours to get in shape. 

Earlier this season I noticed that my chest protector wasn't proving the same coverage as it used to.  So, I opted to add an inch or two of protective fat to protect what it fails to cover.  

Having played sports through the college level and having passed annual PT tests in the Army for 20-odd years (some more so than others), I know all about strength- and cardio- work outs. 

Recently I pushed myself to my training limit by helping SWMBO and a friend with a garage/estate sale.  I came away with noodle-legs.  Then my girls recognized that perhaps I was falling behind so my youngest decided to sell her home and buy another (read: move.)  Now I can scratch my ankles without bending over.   

it would be impossible to get to the athletic level I need to be at in such short time.  So, I have started an alternative training program that, instead of achieving the muscle mass and endurance required to keep up with a bunch of snot-nosed teenagers,  I will quickly build up my PRC (pain repression capacity) so that I can legitimately give them a good game yet still make it back to our hot tub before screaming. 

Now it's less than 17-hours to go.

I'm talking tequila!  

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8 1/2hours with 12u instructional league today, I'm thinking I deserve a single malt, Or four. Cheers! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk

At least, @conbo61, that's 12U, on (at most) a 50-70. The worst baseball to officiate is 13U Scout or Instructional League. 60-90 size, and these kids can't run, can't hit, can't throw, can't catch, and most don't know a lick of baseball. This is even worse than Rec League. I have actually considered slathering myself in analgesic balm before the games (always 2-4 games at a stretch), just to numb the inevitable barrage of bruises I'm destined to endure.

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