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  1. Re introduction. Its been a while, I've continued to umpire the past few years.. I'm currently in the process of getting certified to do High School baseball. I've worked AAU, JR and Sr League, JR legion, middle school, and Jv games over the past few years. "If"I pass the written test and field test I'll be able to work HS varsity games. I also have gotten re certified to officiate ice hockey. (Level 3 official through USA hockey)
  2. Hello all, I have been a member here for quite some time. I really haven't had the time to spend on chat forums for quite the length of time due to work, and personal life, but life has slowed a bit. I had the pleasure this past season to umpire over 70 games, mostly little league majors, but also had the pleasure of working some state tournament games for 13-14 y/o and 15-16 y/o semifinal fall ball game. I plan on getting certified to do high school games this year if all goes well. I have recently joined a large up and comming organization here in RI, Ocean State Umpires. The orga
  3. I would deffinatly go to the bristol ct one!! Where can I go to get info on this??? Please keep me posted, as I would really like to go to this! I have a USA hockey clinic/seminar I'm going to next saturday to get back into reffing ice hockey. It is manditory to attend to get certified to officiate hockey through USA hockey. I don't mind going to these clinics :smachhead:
  4. No help with the 4 man crew here Where is the game and what time is it at?? I might be able to make it there B) I ended up doing 3 all-star games this year Oh, and I'm available if your league does fall ball and if your in need of an umpire Good luck with saturdays game!
  5. I have only had this situation once so far. The coach didn't try to say the ball was dead, just that its not a HBP. So the way I explained it is, that in the rule book it says whan a batter is hit by a PITCH he gets first (obvisly has to make an attempt to avoid being hit) and ther is no "unless it hits the ground first" exception in the book. Untill they put that in writing, I call it this way B)
  6. If it is something like a leg twich in the set position, I could see the warning, if that's the way a league does it, but if it were a pick off and it cought the runner and was a balk, they are not out and should get the next base imho
  7. Yup, I woulda tossed F6 and put the runner at 3rd, but that is just me :D
  8. Just see what the defense does, when "they have left the field" is when all defensive players have left fair territory going to the dougout, once that happens, no appeal can be made, they have to have someone in fair territory to make an attempt at an appeal. And rember, the ball"has the be alive and in play" for an apeal I'm going by LL rule book 7.10 (d) note 1
  9. Waaaaa whooooooo, I woulda made the right call!! This site is such a helpful resource for situational awareness and rule interpretations. Thanks to all :)
  10. I would say call R1 out too, under the same rule as runner interfierence in relation to a double play. But than again, this is my second year doing this so I could be wrong, but that is how I would call the situation as described above :angel4:
  11. gixxershane


    i give ties to the side that puts forth the most effort in the play:shrug:
  12. What is the signal for a dropped 3rd strike?? Do you just call strike three with out signaling the out part?? I imagine we can't "ring em up" on a dropped strike 3 for the fact, they aren't out yet. Could you go into a little more detail please I have yet to work on the "big" field, but should work on these mechanics before I get there. Lol
  13. the illegal pitches I had to call 2 they started their wind up and stoped short of delivering the ball, the other time the kid dropped the ball on the mound in the middle of his wind up.. lol:shrug:
  14. yup, but I call em too!! I just got back from doing an (9-10) all-star game, and I called 3 illegal pitches for balls.. the "offical" scorer said "we dont call balks at little league" I said " but it is still an illegal pitch.. he read the rule book and after the inning he complimented me on my knowledge of the rule book:HD: then one of the older umpires in the state was behind the fencing at home and he said "I never see that called.. I dont even call it!" kinda made me wonder if I should have been calling it:shrug:< but I think it should be called if its in the rule book :home:
  15. i give about half a ball lenght on the out side, but I do call it right at the arm pits so I get some flack because of that, but the LL rule book states from the armpits to the top of the knees for the batters strike zone.. and, if any part of the ball crosses any part of the strike zone, so I also take that into consideration.. at the minors, the strikes I call out of the zone, are usually just hittable balls on the outside and low..
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