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  1. You can learn a lot from the guys that are regulars on here. The best part of this site is the situations and the comes the feedbacks from many amature umpires. It's great. I wish you the best of luck. It will be difficult not talking (coaching) to players while officiating a game. I coached a couple of years and it is hard for me. Sometimes I catch myself talking to pitchers telling them how to and what to do in situations where they are struggling. Good luck behind the dish. Take your lumps for the bad calls you will never make, you probably have given a few of them yourself.
  2. Great plate shoe along with the sister field shoe. After a years work with the plate shoe, you will need some shoe goo because the overlapping toe will start to pull of the shoe. They are comfortable and feel great. Biggest problem both the 450 and the 350 have so many sewn in lines where material overlaps each other, that they are hard to clean. It take a good minute to clean them but they are a good shoe.
  3. I saw a display of very poor mechanics yesterday and with my back ground as an instructor in Little League, these umpires that work only for the money just really boiled my brain. I was walking from the parking lot to get ready for a game at the park and I noticed another game that I have no contol over was already being played. What started it for me was I know who these guys work for. They work for an association that trains them in clinics that last maybe 4 hours and them they are told to go call ball. They usually show up just in time to start play and some of them don't check equipment
  4. Good thing about Little League, all bats must say Little League Approved on them. Those composite bats are not all that great either. Warner Robins, the 2007 Little League World Series Champions played the state tournament in Brooks, Georgia,vVery close to my house. Every player had one of these bats. All new, all donated. They broke two of them. Shattered the composite material in them, aka graphite. Don't be fooled by them either. Ask theeduece, he knows too. I still need to train him.
  5. The seasons aren't the problem too often here, it is when we start district tournaments. Huge thunder storms loom and tornado watches and warnings are all across the state. By the end of the tournament, we are usually a day behind.
  6. You call an iff by the rule book. It dosen't matter if the the baseman bails out on the play. In that case, if the runners reconize it, they can bolt. It is in the rule book as everyone has posted. And iff is an iff, same as a foul is foul forever. Well, you know what I mean. You just better have a good story for the other coach if he comes after you. Good luck.
  7. You need to judge on who you see is the most helpful with answering questions from others and giving advice. Take those who are the best and use them to your advantage. Any problems that need attention, submit them to these helpful people on their email address. I am not on her every day so if I was on thes panel, then you would need to send the problem to me via email.
  8. Give me the specifics on this item you have. Is it a football girdle? Contact me on my email.
  9. I got a call from one of my umpires (Buddy) and he called to discuss a situation that had happened on the field one night. He was calling the bases that night and his partner (Ted) at the plate had a play that mythed me. Runner on second, no outs. Count on the batter is 2-2. Batter swings a a terrible pitch, the catcher makes no catch. The batter was aware of the situation and begins to run to first seeing he was quickly aware that he swung at a really bad pitch. (This to me is the dumbest rule in the rule book, if you strike out, go to the dugout) The missed ball then hits the catchers shi
  10. I have been the UIC for 12 years for Senoia Area Little League and Griffin Little League for two years now. I recruit and train along with schedule for these leagues and Big League as well. I like to pick out my partners, it aint right but I don't like to work with umpires that are hard headed and don't listen to what I have instructed as a Little League Instructor. I have those who are more experienced, some just too damn old, that I do try to watch to see if they can change their mechanics and those that I have taken under my wing to shape into a mold that I like to see and then watch then
  11. Little League is a VOLUNTEER program. The thought of instant replays is crazy. UIC is right, there are 6 umpires there already on a field that is a little more than 200 feet. Let the kids play baseball. My biggest prize it to umpire a world series. I am in line for one now. It is a Senior League World Series that will be in Bangor Maine but the ultimate goal for Little League umpires is to get to Williamsport. How would you like to go to Williamsport, butterflies are swarming, it is like playing in the Super Bowl or racing the Daytona 500 as a rookie and you are on the pole. You get you sc
  12. I have found that some fire/saftey/police can work the best. I haven't had any work for me in a while but I have worked games with them before. Former and current, not short time but long term military personel are good too. They can often work mechanics like a machine. Most of my umpires are just everyday, working whatever type people. I have tried to get HS coaches and others but have had no success. I have one school teacher. He is one of my best umpires but he likes to talk to coaches and players too much. It is going to get him in trouble. I have a federal agent that works airliners as
  13. I disagree with a small part of what Stan W says as far as trainning goes. Starting out with a little mechanics and understanding the rules is okay. Let other quailified instructors train him, not yourself. You trainning him is about the same as a coach trying to get his kid to be the best but the kid isn't the best and then the parent/coach just gets frustrated, we have all seen that. Look over the instuctors shoulder a time or two but let your son do it on his own with others in a classroom atmosphere. One on one is not the best way alone but with multiple people in a clinic is better. He
  14. I have had two of these. I have had the Wilson MLB Hard Shell Umpire Chest Protector which is about $80 and I now have the Wilson West Vest "Gold" Chest Protector. I upgraded because I had to use my volunteer money. The protect the same so don't feel that one is better than the other.
  15. Is Stockbridge a town somewhere, like in Georgia?

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