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  1. Thanks will share with groups I belong with.
  2. I have a 21 year old friend moving from NJ to San Fran, Ca in January. He wanted to start learning to umpired here in NJ but got this new job so had to put his plans on hold. Rather than lose him was hoping some one out that way could reach out to him and help him get started out there. Please email me back if anyone can help and I will foreward you his info. fishybiz@hotmail.com Don Mitchell
  3. NJSIAA requires patches on all jackets and shirts for all HS games.
  4. Hmm had 1 softball 14U cancelled 107 F not sure what the index was but humidity was high. I did another baseball game with 16U's 105 without any problem at 5:30 pm start but the 14U's cancelled the 8 pm game beacuse of the heat go figure? This past Saturday did plate for the 2 pm game 104, partner ditched his plate game at 7 pm... can't seem to find good partners anymore...sigh... But as to game limits my max anymore is 4 per day anymore and I need 3 days to recover...sucks getting old...lol
  5. It might be a NCAA 3 ump mechanic, not sure. But I do know it is not part of the way ASA or FED mechanics are taught.
  6. Hmmm, please check with the League president. In one of the LL's I do they have no new innings after 1:50 regardless of following games or not. It's not a LL rule but rather a League rule that will generally dictate the time. As to the unassigned umpire coming onto the field that is really unacceptable and needs to be reported. Way to stay your ground!!
  7. Clean Fresh Socks between games goes a long ways too. I pack 2 to 3 quarts per game and always seem to run short on water during a busy weekend. Don't forget the compressions.
  8. I would just chalk it up to bad luck...I have been through stents like that too(on an average I do 200-250 games/year). Sometimes I go years without even getting a buzz, then other years it seems like I get a foul shot every game. The camera angles really mess with what is really happening, so I would not hold much stock in that he is opening himself up more. Yesterday got a direct shot to the cup, had to take a standing eight count even with the shock doc doing its job. Dang sorry missed a few posts. I also do not move with the catch unless they block out the inside then I'm forced high. I
  9. FED Baseball allows for one the other or both being called Out depending on the situation. If you feel that it was intentional interference by batter then you can call R3 and Batter out. In SB the play is killed and R3 is returned to 3rd base and the batter is out.
  10. Just trying to remember one of the aboves I have not done... Got to love the memories.. The most horrible feeling is remembering everything but after leaving the parking lot on one of those especially long hikes to the assigned field to find your missing something. Then having to delay the game 10 minutes to get back to it. ugh.
  11. I think he/she answered their own question. "Interfers with the throw from catcher." Batter/Runner is out for interference and R3 goes back. Does not matter which Rule book you reference they are all the same result and rule. The only difference Fed makes is that they do not kill the play right away but wait to see if another out can be made on R3.
  12. I umpire both and have for a long time. Both have their meritts. Mind you I did the Mens Pro Fast Pitch League and anything after that was a cake walk. Ladies University fast pitch are probably the best behaved and well played games I have ever done. To me it seems that the younger the players the more problems that one encounters and the coaches seem to go hand in hand with this. Not sure if I am good or bad but total EJ todate is only 8 after 19 years of umpiring.
  13. If no contact, will usually warn the coach on first act in a game. 2nd incident and it is time to protect everyone else, I give the batter an Out. If the batters are trying not to throw the bat then I try not to see it. 3rd incident and obviously no one is catching on, so its EJ time. To me, it does not matter which batter is responsible as throwing bats is the single most dangerous and abused rule in playing the game. Try telling the parent of the kid that gets a broken bone when hit by bat that, the other boy needs to increase on base percentage or recorded hits....then stand back and w
  14. Sorry I'm late with this. In 2009 the NJ ASA Chapter hosted the national clinic in Toms River, NJ. Every 2 years NJ hosts a National ASA clinic the next one will be in 2011, where exactly I'm not sure of yet. The costs are usually less than $100 for registration for the weekend but can be higher. Julie is a great gal. She was the ASA National Rep at the last National Clinic I attended in 2007 in NJ. If there is enough interest I will post here when I know of the next ASA National Clinic dates and costs in NJ.
  15. The wife found this for me to watch last night after I got home from doing Varsity gamelast night. Game yesterday LAD @ Pitts.. Pro PU was up the first base line on a play at home plate from left field. PU never made a call despite the catcher tagging the runner twice, PU out of position blocked out and missed the tags. Runner never touched home plate PU never made any call as he could not see the play. Finally after a very long ackward 30 second delay the catcher tagged runner for the 3rd time and PU finally made a call. I hope everyone does not take this the wrong way but this was an examp
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