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  1. The high school book says pop up slides are legal as long as they are not "into the fielder". I take this to mean as long as there is not contact between the runner and fielder that a pop up slide during a double play attempt is legal. I just want to make sure I am getting this rule right as a coach wanted FPSR because the runner did a pop up slide during a double play attempt. I told him pop up slides are legal as long as there is no contact. Thanks in advance for your help gentlemen.
  2. So to get it correct, is a pop up slide ever interfernce (other than something intentional like swatting a glove or arm while popping up) in NCAA and OBR rule set? I could only find this video and it was ruled not interfernce.
  3. Hello Gentlemen, I am wondering if a pop up slide directly into the bag contacting a fielder in American legion is legal or if it is a violation of the FPSR. I realize in high school pop up slides are illegal when making contact with the fielder. In college, pop up slides are legal in this same situation. In my legion rule book, there was no mention of pop up slides so I was wondering which book to defer to? Thanks again guys.
  4. Thanks for the responses gentlemen, I'll let him know.
  5. I teach at a high school and the baseball coach asked me a question. They are continuing a game suspended due to darkness from a month ago (11 innings tied 6-6). He wanted to know if a player not on the lineup card can be a substitute which I told him yes. The caveat is that the player in question was still being processed through the district and was ineligible when the game started but is now eligible. I coulnd't find anything in the FED book addressing this so I turn to the great minds here. Thanks in advance.
  6. If a runner is safe stealing second and batter interference occurs on the throw with 2 outs who is out? I have the batter out, next batter in the lineup up next inning. My partner was telling me the runner is out and the batter returns to bat next inning. I fee this is a no brainer but am I missing something?
  7. tempetoro


    So now what should I have done on the game when I know its not a balk but my senior partner insists it is? Nice guy just the stereotypical know it all who can't be bothered with anyone questioning his logic.
  8. tempetoro


    High School Varsity game. A new pitcher was warming up and in his stretch had the ball in hand and rested it on the front hip bone pelvic area while taking signs. My field partner apparently told him that would be a balk when the game resumes and that the ball had to be on his side or behind his back in his stretch. When the game resumed, he balked the pitcher 3 times in the subsequent innings. I know the rule book states in the stretch the ball must be on the side or behind but I have never seen this called a balk. He was a senior guy in our association so I didn't question or bring it up
  9. I can only find umpire interference behind home plate on a throw to make a play, or a batted ball in the field.
  10. Great play and great timing. Sidenote, am I the only one who gets bothered when players and assistant coaches immediately point to the dugout when they think a play was called wrong. The whole stadium knows it was close so just let the manager notify the crew chief and let the process happen.
  11. Had an interesting play yesterday while working the plate in a big varsity game. No one one, lazy fly ball to left field so I run out from behind the plate for catch/no catch. The fielder can't make the catch and comes up throwing to second base. From there I glance to see the batter runner on a potential back door play going back to 1st base, and it appeared he was tangled up with my partner who was coming inside. The throw easily beat the batter runner back to first but I guess the fielder missed the tag and my partner ruled safe. I realize my partner should have busted in immediately b
  12. Had a JV game yesterday with an older umpire who also works big high school games in our area. No one on and the batter hits a line drive shot down the left field line. I bust in and see my partner throw his hands up "FOUL BALL!" The third base coach jumps up and shouts no way! After I get back to my spot I turn to see the third base coach walking down the left field line where he stops about halfway to the fence and points to a spot where he says the ball hit. My partner behind the plate just ignored him and put the ball in play before the coach started walking back to his box. My q
  13. I found these on Eastbay with an automatic 20% off for $59.99 and free shipping. I'm not sure how long the sale is but these look good and comfortable. Anyone every try these?
  14. I just finished the camp in Sacramento. Great time and huge amount of knowledge! The instructors were awesome and the camp had a great brotherhood vibe!
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