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  1. I'm not sure exactly HOW it happened, but last week between innings I looked down and saw a small hole on my Smitty pants leg at the mid point of my shins. I took a ball off of the leg earlier in the game. I can only assume the high seams of the Wilson 1010's we were using hit me just right and ripped a hole. Very disappointed. Hopefully the tailor can fix them up without it being too noticeable.
  2. In great condition. Lightly worn. Yours for $35 bucks shipped!
  3. cp9


  4. For the Nationals Park, I would take the Green Line metro from Greenbelt to Navy Yard Station (unless you are going to do other things in DC). Or drive to Anacostia Station and it's just one stop to Navy Yard. Camden Yards has the best ball park tour I've seen. They take you in the umpire locker rooms and in the dugout. If you are lucky the head groundskeeper (I think the only female in the MLB) will stop by and chat. Monument Park is inside Yankee Stadium and opens when the gates open. There is usually a LONG line so get there early. I noticed you didn't mention a stop at Citizens Bank. I'm not a fan of that park so I don't think you are missing much. The one East Coast stadium I haven't been to is Marlins Park, but I'll be there next month. Anyone with tips to that park?
  5. Whitecaps shortstop Danny Pinero was suspended five games
  6. cp9

    Run scoring on third out

    Of course, of course!
  7. cp9

    Run scoring on third out

    It is treated the same as an appeal play. For example, bases loaded, two out, and R2 misses 3rd, defense appeals and no runs score because R2 was forced. Same thing with a runner out of his base path. It is technically an appeal play, but as noted in the NFHS case book, "The umpire calls the runner out without waiting for the defensive player to call attention to the act."
  8. Unless the previous pitch meets one of the specs that allows the batter to legally leave the batter's box, (swing and miss, catcher misses ball, etc.) the batter does not get 20 seconds to get back in the box. In my opinion, the easiest and most rule friendly remedy is to instruct the batter to keep one foot in the box. When he gives you that "arrogant" look, call a strike. No need for the pitcher to even throw. Then tell him again to get a foot in the box. After another sneer, call another strike. Then you get to eject him and his coach! 7.3.1 If the batter leaves the batter’s box, delays the game, and none of the above exceptions apply, the plate umpire shall charge a strike to the batter. The pitcher need not pitch, and the ball remains live.
  9. cp9

    Well, I never...

    Can we please keep the discussion civil? As for the ejection, since we weren't there and were not privy to the antics or volume of the assistant coach, this may have been a bona-fide no brainer ejection. I don't see anything wrong with this EJ. Beginning this season in NC, this is an automatic ejection for an AC, no warning, no questions asked.
  10. He wasn't traded. That dummy Haywood Sullivan put Fisk's contract in the mail the day after the deadline, making him a free agent. Pudge and Yaz were my childhood idols! You were mad at Haywood Sullivan!
  11. NFHS Baseball Umpires Manual #43. VI. THE PLATE UMPIRE: ....For plays at the plate, the plate umpire should first set up a few steps behind the plate and on the third base line extended through the plate, and then adjust a few steps to either side depending on the throw and the play. The plate umpire needs to establish a clear line of sight through the play and not be screened from the play by either the catcher or the runner. On a play at home in which the runner misses home plate and the catcher missed tagging the runner, the umpire will make “no call.” Following the play and subsequent action, if the defense makes a valid and legal appeal, the plate umpire will then call the runner out. NFHS Softball Umpires Manual PLATE MECHINICS: Appeal at the Plate. If a runner misses home plate and the catcher misses the tag, the umpire should hesitate slightly to allow the players to finish the play, either the runner reaches to tag the plate or the catcher reaches to tag the runner. If no tag is made, the umpire should declare the runner SAFE. If a proper appeal play is made by the fielder, by either touching the runner or the plate with the ball prior to the runner touching the plate, the umpire should then declare the runner OUT.
  12. cp9

    NFHS Extra Hitter

    It is "implied" that the lineup constitutes the batting order. 4-2-1 states that you must have 9 players, not 10, 14, or 275. The DH and the player for whom he is batting are in the same slot. 3-1-4 A designated hitter and the player for whom he is batting are locked into the batting order.
  13. cp9

    NFHS Extra Hitter

    NFHS 4-2-1 Each team must have nine players in its lineup throughout the game (see 4-4-1f Note 2). Otherwise, the game will be forfeited. There is your rule against having 10 batters.
  14. Bought a Majestic convertible from gnhbua93 Great transaction!
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