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  1. May I ask how it went down? Did you make the 8-10 minutes? Grz, Ros@
  2. I was the only Ump at a minor league game. After BR failed to reach 2nd base, and was called out, he bursted into tears and took the base with him...... 'I won't let you guys play with my daddy's stuff if you keep on playing nasty with me!' He shouted on his way to the dugout.
  3. That's exactly what I meant when I stated, difficult to work with....... this I-pad refuses to correct my stupidities. But hé, a massage can come in handy as well.... .....or was the I-pad reading my mind?.....
  4. Hi Stan W. Pc crushed, Laptop crushed as well.... bought an I-pad Mini to be able to keep in contact, but the damn thing is a bit diff to work with. I will try to make it up, but hey, You could have massage me.
  5. I'm with Specks here..... you never know, no need to have to rush to the toilet in between innings.... He, all emoticons gone? Can't find them only the ; and the ) so I hope it works out like this!
  6. I'm still waiting for the report on the 2nd game...... I ve only once asked my assignor not to put me on the same game with a particular umpire, but that's because he could not stick to the game. If he ump a game on sunday and there was a call which the coach was not happy with, he would start the next game of the team in question by reffering back to the incident. Reinforcing that his call was good cause he had afterwards talked to other umpires and they said his ruling was ok. The only problem was, to each umpire he asked for a second opinion, the situation he explained was differ
  7. Can we get the link to laugh?
  8. Talking about short books....... I once umpired a league opened in between T-ball and Minor and some of the rules were ...... * With bases full, there must be 8 balls to get to the first base....... * No avances on errors ..... * No dead balls permitted ..... I will spare you the other once cause I know you will all flip. Before starting the game, I was told that we were playing LL rules but ADAPTED. I was tormented the whole game. 1 hour 15 minutes or 5 innings..... also adapted.
  9. Boys, boys....... your palls (wifes) are the most easiest person to tame. Just treat them with respect, love and careing.... do WHATEVER you have been told to do...... EXACTLY the way she asked you to do it..... WHENEVER she asked you to do it.... THE EXACT MOMENT she asked you to do it ! That's the whole line-up right there. You all can manage a 9 inning game, double header, rainy weather... so WHAT the ....... is your problem with your spouses? oh, by the way, my boys (17 and 13) turned out to be nice couple of guys as well. I am just telling them both, be sure you have lo
  10. And the second one, is the other way around: Blue sleeves and yellow in the center.... It's all about who finances the uniform. We got the materials as a donation and to avoid a full blue and a full yellow one, they came up with this solution..... 2 years ago, we had full red shirts, cotton shirts.
  11. That's a 'not so bad shirt'. If I knew how to post a picture here, you would have seen one of our shirts...... I will do my best to attached it.
  12. Must create more time to be here with you guys.....

  13. Hi guys, Eventhough every ump has his style, we are requested to try to adhere as much as possible to the 'standard' way of calling games, in order to provide more 'uniformaty' (is this an english word). The 3rd strike however, you can see that almost every ump here has it's own unique 'foolish' way of calling it. Some more bizare than others.....
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