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A First In Baseball? Umpire Throws Dog Out Of Game (The Chattanoogan)

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LOL too much.

I've actually had a dog do his business on the field during a game. It was a legion game and the center field has a gate which will sometimes come open on its own. A lady was walking her dogs without a leash. For a while I see the dogs running around behind the fence with out any thought. Between batters I notice one of the dogs running along the fence line and I ask the catcher is the dog inside or outside the fence. He assures me the dog is behind the fence. A pitch or two later I see the dog squatting in the outfield clearly inside the fence. We had a circus for about 5 minutes. As were trying to get the dog off the field the lady's other dog runs on the field thinking it's play time, a coach heading out with a shovel and all the while the lady was too busy talking on her phone to help wrangle up her own dogs.

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In my junior year of high school we played a game at a school without an outfield fence. One of our best hitters hits a ball into the left-center gap out of no where a dog runs onto the field and picks up the ball and takes off.

Was pretty damn funny but cost us an inside the parker.

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