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T-baller playing college ball


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I count this as a cool milestone. Every fall/winter I get to work some "volunteer" college fall/winter ball games with a couple former pro and current NCAA umpires. Every one is like a private mechanics clinic with the pre and post games. Was working a community college game Saturday before last and up to the plate walks a right handed 6' slender kid batting south paw. It's a boy (now tall man) who was on my son's T-ball and minor league Little League teams. I was assistant coach for his dad for the minor league team, they needed an umpire, so 11 years ago I went to a LL weekend mechanics clinic before ever calling a ball or strike in my life. Never got to umpire his high school games, because my son went to school there, and I was conflicted out. But I followed him through his dad.

Called two strikes on him the first time up, and then he gives me this look that says, "No way you of all people are going to punch me out, no way, not gonna happen!" He cranks the next pitch to the gap in left. Watched him play the full 9 as their starting short stop, great rhythm, made several clutch plays.

Made me a proud umpire! They're the reason we do this!


P.S. -- It sure is easy calling balls and strikes for pitchers who can pitch, and catchers who can catch.

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Not to highjack, but I have a similar story.

I've coached LL baseball for 13 years in the same league, coached both my boys at different levels. Had a kid, Max, that I coached in T-ball, and later in Juniors. Max and and about 3-4 other kids I coached went to play for a Local HS. When they were all seniors, I was PU for their last senior game, it's a special event, not sure if other areas do that. Anyway, Max is the starting catcher, and it was an honor to work the full game with him as catcher, and call balls and strikes against him and the other kids I coached. After the game they all came up to me and said hi and we got to chat a little bit. Many of their parents were in the stands, as well, and I knew them all, too. They also greeted me after the game.

Best and most memorable high school game ever!

Max is currently playing baseball for a small college in Michigan. My 2 boys and him are the best of friends. In fact, in the off season, Max plays with with me and my sons on our Sunday men's softball league.

Totally can relate, Recontra. It's an awesome feeling! Thanks for reminding me of this.

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