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Ever have a dream about Umping, how about a nightmare?

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OK so the UIC for my District texted me to check in see how things were ( you know keep in touch) 


So we chatted about new gear we were getting things to be looking fwd to next season and etc

among this was He told me he needed to get a couple new pair of pants.

He also informed me he was going to make it so I got a plate for one of the State Final games.

I was like no, not this year give me one more than I will feel more comfortable, Its a big game.

He razzed me about getting me "knee knocker shin guards" cause my knees would be too loud from shaking all the time.


Well last night I had a nightmare.

I'm dreaming I am PU at the LAST state final game and everything is great, but I show up and I'm in the locker room getting ready and for some reason I cannot for the life of me find my pants.  I frantically search my bag, the locker room, go back to my car, ask the guys if one of them is playing a joke. Nothing not to be found. Now for some reason what I was wearing was a tan pair of khakis when I arrived.  By now though I have delayed the game an hour while I am sitting there still thinking about and looking for my pants. 

So one of the base umpires comes back to the locker room tells me "Hey the game has been delayed an our what the heck."  I explain my issue and he says "Wear the khakis it will be fine."

But I'm like "NO they are tan they wont look right." 

He goes on is like "Well there is really no room for balls in the pockets either but hey you gotta put them on and get out here."

I tell him "I have 2 ball bags anyway but they are grey and wont match the tan pants this just wont work."

Then I woke up..


Yeah if I'm having nightmares about it now 2 days after he texted me about doing it and that's 9 months away Id say that yeah I need another year.. 



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Yep.  My standard anxiety dream has morphed from "late to an exam in a class I don't remember taking" to "running late for a game and can't find my equipment or forgot my game shirt or something."



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