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Found 6 results

  1. .......... and THIS was his SUV (standard umpire vehicle) ........................... I've seen it all!
  2. So I had a situation with my partner yesterday. 2man system, runner at first, 18+ league. I am PU. Ball was hit to outfield, I had the runner rounding third and coming home. He missed third on his way. When the ball was sent back to the pitcher, he threw the ball to his third baseman who was standing on third saying they want to appeal. I called the runner out, and the run doesn't score. At the end of the inning, my partner was talking to the pitcher and third baseman on "how to do a proper appeal". He said that the pitcher had to be on the rubber, come set, step off, then make the throw, so the appeal they did wasn't valid and should not have been granted. I said that that doesn't fit with my memory on how to do an appeal properly, my partner has been umpiring for around 30+ years, so I trust him, and two) if the appeal should not be granted, why didn't he come to me and say that so I wouldn't call a runner out and take a run off the board. I have two questions: 1) If the ball is not dead, does the pitcher need to be on the rubber then step off to initiate an appeal? I thought he had to be on the rubber just to make the ball live so he could step off and make the throw. 2) Should/would you approach me if you believe that I granted an illegal appeal, or would you let the call stand and basically tell the players that they did it wrong?
  3. Is this where I get to vent about my partner who, in order to be awful, would have to get better? I worked with him before, so I knew I wouldn't have a partner who could umpire to any degree. He showed up 10 minutes to game time and asked if I minded if he did the plate. I did mind, since I was nearly dressed already, and was just waiting to see what color shirt he was wearing so I could try to match him. If I had an arrow sticking in one eye and poured lye in the other, my strike zone would be more consistent than his. That really was the primary reason I minded, but I figured I couldn't say that to him. He parked about 200 yards away from me and waited at his car while I put ball bags on my belt and pulled out a shirt to match him. While on the bases, he made it all the way to the top of the second before he missed a play at third by banging out a runner who beat the throw and the tag by a clear margin. He made up for lost time by proceeding to miss 5 more plays in the next 4 innings. Fortunately(?) he missed three for each team, which made both teams equally enraged. Further, he butchered both safe calls and out calls. So all in all, I guess you could say he had a balanced game. His call were so offensive that I had to intercede between him and the AC of the VT. The coach was justifiably upset, and rather than run the coach, I rodeo clowned him. My partner came in between most half innings, and despite me finding ways to avoid speaking to him - like going to each bench to verify the score (no scorebaord in the park), did not get the message that I did not want him near me. On the plus side, I got plunked for the first time this season and the 13u game went 7 innings in 2:05. Oh the joys of last minute time switches.
  4. Yesterday in a JV game I was PU and we had a pitcher that wasn't the smoothest of guys when it came to his delivery. He threw one pitch and in the middle of the AB my partner (BU) calls time and calls the home JV coach out of the dugout and begins to speak to the Home pitcher and JV coach. I wait about a minute thinking "surely he won't drag this out." After a little bit, the Varstiy HC yells to me from the dugout "Terry can we move this along? We've got coaching clinics in December we don't need one right here. If he's balking, call a balk." I had already begun walking to the mound at this point. When I got there all I said was "Are we ready to play, fellas?" The meeting broke up and we proceeded with play. After the game my partner says, "I really don't like that you walked out there on me, it hurt my feelings." While I'm not trying to hurt his feelings or step on his toes, we were an hour into an 1 1/2 hour game and delays were costing the home team precious time. Did I do the right thing in walking out or should I have let my partner finish? At what point do I as the PU need to assert myself in keeping the game moving and how do I do so without being offensive?
  5. I am big into signaling all the different situations to my partners during a game. So lets say there are no outs with R2 and R3. As plate umpire I would normaly signal my partner that I have the tag-up at 3rd and that I am staying home. Well this last Saturday at a HS Field Clinic the clinician got on me about signaling the tag-up. He says that you only signal a tag-up if there are runners on First and Second only. Have I been doing it wrong all this time?
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