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  1. AS stated, buying baseball equipment, selling wife,fishing boat will seal deal
  2. I found out their are 1661 leagal BBCOR brands/makers that are being sold this year This should speed things up for pre-game, unless you play here in North Dakota , Wood is the game.Love the short game! but I also ump in Minnasota so I will need to read some bats, look at some pitchers. How many other states are required to use wood?
  3. Got mine on 5/12/11, first time used, Playing on "carpet grass", In B slot, left hand pitcher so playing a little closer than the normal so I can watch the move to first a little better. Frozen rope into the rubbers edge,ricochet,into"the Boy's', anounced "The best $ 53.00 I ever I ever invested in" afew laughs, most games are on raido,anouncer said he did not hit the delay button in time Back to playing ball worth the investment Larry
  4. My largest pet peeve is a partner that has to re-play every inning, specificity between innings,and tell me how good he is. Even when I'm standing out between 1st& 2nd grass line!,when have the bases.
  5. Dose any one remember when the last umpire used a "raft"chest protector in the major leagues? And when the first organ (musical)was played in what year/ ball park?
  6. Salt?! Bring the pepper shaker ,too. Were still under two feet of snow
  7. I was waiting for his cell phone to ring "Take Me Out The Ballgame"
  8. You can find Part1 practious testat WWW.Mariettaumpires.org Larry
  9. Here in North Dakota Fed has been wood for 3 seasons, LOVE IT! puts small ball back into the game as for bats breaking will go 4or5 games befor brakeage and only seen one wooden bat in half composit bats better persentage across the river still play metal (Minn.)in Fed American Legion is metal College is metal... went to D1 for next season so will doing soon great ball come spring scrap metal is at a all time high !!!thats my opinion of aluminum bats also amiture ball is wood once you have done wood , the "CRACK" is better than ping Larry
  10. A IFF is A IFF, even a outfielder can come in and catch it
  11. ump 50 ND


    Do you carry general liability insurance/ personal injury protection ? other than the NCAA, NFSH that is provided during the season? IF so, which one?,Are thay good as thay sound? I found a few sites National Association of Sport Offcials, Amateur Baseball Umpires Association. High School season is a few weeks being over then I move into American Legion & amateur baseball . I not sure on American Legion if have program coverage but I know the amateur does not. Larry "After playing baseball for many years, We were of the opinion that we knew and understoodthe playing rules fairly well. However, upon taking up umpiring, we soon learn the hard way that we were mistaken" O.K.Blauvelt
  12. going on my 8th season wearing a HSM. Will never go back to a mask ,I do not wear a cap, but then I'm the only one that wears one in are area, so got to set my own weather to ware one or not. NO one has ever said anything to me ! Thinking of buying the new Wilson SHOCH FX but mine still looks like new (except the ball marks) BUT darn $300??? Any one have one ? Larry
  13. I can relate to mn ump... we only got 2" but the drifts were a foot deep along the fence with six feet out on warning path & it was COLD, made a interesting conferance game. Sure glad I still had my long underware in my locker room!!! (my truck) Larry
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