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  1. The best way would to email a file. DVDs are dead, man. They're, like, so 2010.
  2. That's a great idea, if it's loose enough to flop out on the outside of the shoe. I tuck the Bauer into the top of my shoe, therefore the thin, relatively soft Kevlar pad tucks into my shoe pretty comfortably. This a fascinating subject. You have turned this into a lot of fun for both of us.
  3. If he's an umpire that can't come up with a decent pun that means he must be in a slumpire.
  4. Our partner that last game we worked together got his ear cut on one of those. Ears bleeeeeeeeeed!
  5. Untrusty Umpires Sent Via Telekinesis Hey, I once sent you an umpire association patch for your collection, and you didn't even thank me or acknowledge that you got it. Is it because I'm a liberal?
  6. Possibly, but as long as you are not mass producing it, I can't believe MLB would get too upset. You are enabling what, 20 people to see this program? No we are not.... This is just one friend loaning a DVD to another friend. I really don't know how this program is protected by copyright, but I suspect even making the DVD in the first place is infringement. The wording is usually something like "this program may not be reproduced without permission in any form." Again, it's not something I would be concerned with. It's not like loaning a book to a friend. If you photocopied
  7. Nothing we do while running and cutting and twirling ever puts the same level of stress on a pair of plate shoes that banging them against a wall will put on them. It is absurd to ruin a pair of shoes doing something that is unnecessary, and something that they are not designed to withstand. Jocko's remedy is the answer. I have those giant Ziplock bags in the FSB just for that purpose. When the mud dries, you can just brush it off. It is yet another reason that I alternate between two pairs of plate shoes. When one pair is caked with mud...
  8. You are a profoundly wise and caring man. You have said so very much in very few words. I commend you.
  9. I have several schools that I assign games for throughout the off-season. I always work a game or games at one of them and assign all the others. Today, it was Santa Monica High School. I did the varsity game and then came out to do the JV game that followed. I enter the field from the left field corner. There was an assemblage of players near the dugout, and as I walked closer, I noticed that they all were wearing the same No. 10 jersey, and that they were somewhat somber. I spoke to one of the players I knew best, and I asked him if indeed he lost a teammate. He looked at me, looked arou
  10. I got the Kevlar pads... And rather than have them sewn on, I was going to temporarily attach them in a couple of possible spots until I can have them permanently attached where they need t be. As I was toying with ways to attach them, including simply using the Velcro to attach them inside the pad, outside the pad, vertically, horizontally... I simply Velcroed them to my socks, tucked them into my shoes and voila! The shin guard tucks in behind the tongue of the shoe, and the ankle protector would be attached this way: I'll probably attach it anyway, but for now, I'm doing it insi
  11. It's going according to plan. I should be able to try them tomorrow. I really hope I get drilled in the ankle.
  12. I just got done telling someone representing a business that if they are going to tell me something, all I care about is that it's the truth. I will adjust to whatever the truth is, as long as it's the truth. As a people, we accept and absorb so much bull$hit that more and more layers of this society---especially in business---think that it is perfectly okay to lie and misrepresent and sucker people. I'm not singling out Honig's, I'm stating that as Americans, we will believe anything, and buy anything, so we leave the door open to all forms of deceit. Anyway, I have to go. My wife wan
  13. Let's make sure they're the answer first. Mine should be here today, and I'll be able to try them tomorrow.
  14. The ebay route is what I took when I got my Douglas CP. It was listed in the wrong section---I found it among motocross and paintball protectors with one bid on it. I swooped at the last second and I got it for one dollar over the other highest bid. It's cool when it works like that.
  15. You are correct, sir. Wow... look at how many words we wasted. I commend you. You just gave us the entire history and you barely needed a second line.
  16. I had a buddy show up to do a scrimmage with me, and I said, "Nice Official's Choice shirt!" He said, "How'd you know it's an Official's Choice shirt?" I said, "Because I can see right through it and read the logo on your undershirt." Then I handed him a spare Majestic to actually go out onto the field with. Another guy had the pro blue Official's Choice with those distinctive buttons of theirs that turn pink after two or three machine washings, and I said, "Are those breast cancer awareness buttons?" Official's Choice, where you get precisely what you pay for.
  17. It should be the Official's Choice logo.
  18. Maybe you got one that was in stock somewhere for awhile. I just worked with a guy who had a Platinum, and wanted a back-up, and wanted to have the new one retrofitted with Team Wendys. His five or six-year-old Platinum has no W on the sternum pad, and has no WV logo on the bottom plate. The new one that he wore the other day has both. I also once had a 2008-era Platinum, and it had no W on the sternum pad, and no WV logo on the bottom plate. It's the newer ones--Gold and Platinum--that have the WV logos on them.
  19. I go on Weather Underground, and no matter what five degree range is predicted, I have an undergarment strategy for it.
  20. Well, the Cold Gear comfortably covers a wide range, and I usually wear them under a jacket. But the main use for a short-sleeve Cold Gear mock is when you're going to wear a short-sleeve or zip-off windbreaker in moderately chilly weather. I do have a couple of Adidas and Nike Golf mocks that are more like UA Heat Gear.
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