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  1. very good...understanding better now. thank you gentlemen.
  2. The situations you are citing are not helping me right now if you dont tell me what is happening...rule book/case book is not with me and please clarify from which so that I may read it as well....thank you so far for the help
  3. Batter swings and pops the ball straight up, after contact with the ball he hits the catcher on his backswing in the shoulder and head....catcher is unable to make a play on the ball....do we have anything?
  4. I have a pair of Honigs PW (base/plate) for sale. I ordered these and they did not fit as good as my 38s. Both pair are BNIP but one pair was accidently hemmed at Honigs, I am 6'2 and they are about a 1/2 inch short on me. There is plenty of material inside if you needed them redone. The other pair is unhemmed. Asking 60 per pair and 5 dollars shipping for 125.
  5. Force 3 or Bauer...Force 3 is a little better...both are like wearing air. Much lighter than the wilsons.
  6. Rolo, Is that the new lighter NB shoe or is it the older heavy one? I cannot tell from amazon's website.
  7. I usually am, but my two Achilles heels are now exposed.
  8. Im not technologically adept enough to post pics. But will gladly text pictures to anyone.
  9. I have a pair of costa fathoms in tortoise color with green mirror 460 lenses for sale. Money order only (dont know how to make my paypal accept money?) Lets say 110 plus 10 for insured shipping. Ive only worn these 3-4 times as I have another pair I like better. Immaculate condition.
  10. The PW pants are half off. Wonder if jim is coming out with a new premium pant?
  11. I agree. Maven, can you site? Im trying to settle an argument and dont have my paperwork in front of me. Thanks
  12. I mean return to the mound and pitch after being pulled. Not being forced by amount of visits in an inning.
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