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  1. Hahahaha I love it. Kid yelling f*$& off at people. It brings a smile to my face. Sometimes these younger games I feel like I should get a $20 babysitter bonus for dealing with these "always perfect little Johnny". Leagues should fine the parents of the kids who behave like this, but that's an entirely different issue.
  2. I thought about this for awhile after the game. I came to the conclusion that it was a combination of the HC's son not being anywhere near the strikezone and the fact that their team was far superior to the team they were losing to. He was bouncing balls and those "close ones" were in the left handed batters box. I think what set him off was admittedly a borderline pitch that I balled. And mr. taylor, I thought about the other teams reaction as well, but they didn't have a problem all game and their pitchers were able to find the zone just fine. I dunno, I felt bad about tossing the guy, but I had him again the following weekend and didn't hear anything from him (and he actually apologized at the pre-game). But you're right thunderheads, taking a step back helps for future games.
  3. Fair enough ump. I was instructed to warn using that language. I personally don't think it's amateur or comical, but to each their own I suppose. If I knew the coach, I probably would have said something different, but the group I'm with is very large and I believe they want us to be consistent as an organization.
  4. He said "F$*k". I was trying to figure out if it was loud enough to warn him. Considering he said it from the dugout and I was at HP and I was able to hear him should have been enough of an indication, but for one reason or another, I let it go.
  5. So had my first ej of the year last night. I figured I would ask you guys if I got it right or wrong. Here is my report: Prior to: Outbursts regarding pitches not directed toward me such as: "oh comeon!", and "Wow!". However, following a pitch, VT HC did say under his breath "f-bomb.", and in retrospect I should have talked with him about this but I let it go at the time. During: Following a low and away pitch, VT HC yells from the dugout, "You have to be kidding me blue, you have a postage stamp of a strike zone!" I called time and told VT HC that this was his warning for arguing balls and strikes. He then immediately yelled, "just be consistent!". At this point I ejected VT HC. Following: VT HC quietly exited the field without incident. There were no more issues regarding balls and strikes for the remainder of the contest. In the post game my partner told me I was too quick, and that I should have done more preventative umpiring. I understand his criticism, but my gut was telling me this guy was going to be a problem throughout the game. Should I have gone about it differently? What do you guys think? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  6. Nah. He can pick to first at any point.
  7. TommyUmp

    A Fun old one.

    "Time time! That's umpire stupidity! You, first base!" Throw out the first base coach for charging you down the line. Throw out the offensive head coach for personal insults. Write in your ejection report that you should receive half fee's for a little league brain fart.
  8. "Oh, this kid is getting too big for his britches" This coach should also be banned for the rest of the season. 9/10 year old's should not have to listen to this clown.
  9. TommyUmp

    Coach Interference??

    Let's say a runner was on 2nd. Coach interferes with BR - is the play immediately dead, runner out, and R2 returned to 2nd, or is this a delayed dead ball?
  10. TommyUmp

    Overzealous Fans

    1) Yeah I knew that I was out of my jurisdiction when I told the coach "they'll be gone if they don't knock it off". They were just really, really, nasty. Since it was a 13U game, I didn't feel like letting it go like it was 'OK'. You know, lead by example... 2) I would have stopped the 1st base coach but it was such a long play that he magically appeared at home. Maybe he came running down from first base during the play? I made the call (facing the infield), turned to my right, and he was standing there (maybe he was on the bench that inning?). I have never been in a game like this before, and I've done every level of ball from LL to JC. On top of all this nonsense, it was raining the entire game, and switching balls out every other pitch just made it feel like an eternity. Thanks for all of your very informative replies.
  11. TommyUmp

    Overzealous Fans

    13U game, non-tourney. edit: (HT) R2 to third on a steal attempt. Throw beats runner, but runner is able to reach around the tag and get to the bag before VT tag is applied. I safe the runner - VT stands go nuts. Start in on all the cliches that they think are clever to say. Whatever, I let it roll off per usual. Game 2 I'm behind the plate. HT runner in a rundown between 3rd and home. He remains in it for about 7 throws, constantly re-establishing his baseline (he is about 3-4 feet wide of the foul line at this point), and as the catcher receives the ball to make a tag, he breezes past it. I'm 90 degrees to the tag and I see nothing but air. I safe him, very reluctantly because I know what's about to happen; sure enough it did. In comes the first base coach - pissed. I do my best to calm him down a bit by explaining my angle and what I saw, and that I understand he's heated but there was no tag to make an out call with. Of course the fans are hollering personal things at this point, but I let it go assuming things will calm. Once the coaches and players settle, we resume play, but the fans won't shut the ******** up. I tell myself "well, was a tough call to swallow, I'll give it some time". An inning and a half later, it didn't cease. Of course, on cue, a play comes to the plate, but this time the VT attempting to score . The throw comes in high and the runner slides under the tag, so I safe him. Annnnnnnnnnnd here come the sarcastic and backhanded compliments. One of the HT coaches says "that was a make-up, huh" (I should have dumped him but didn't want more commotion). I then turn to the VT coach, who has been nothing but a complete gentleman this entire time, and say "You need to take care of your fans. I've heard enough. If they continue they are all going to go." He obliges and they all shut their mouths. No problems for the rest of the game, thankfully. So, here is my question: With no tournament director or athletic director around, how do I deal with unruly fans? I typically would have gone to the head coach and told him to take care of the fans or he is ejected, but he was the only one on the VT that had any ounce of sportsmanship, so dumping him is like S. Korea telling the USA to piss off (sorta). So what can I do here? Is it viable to dump an entire teams' spectating group? I keep thinking of that guy who threw out the stands and how bad it looked, but boy it sure looked like a big banana split today... P.S. Bin Laden is dead, finally.
  12. OK. JV/Varsity ball. All are FED rules. Sit 1. R1 on first, one out, fly to F9. R1 goes half way. Catch is made and appeal throw to first travels out of play. 1. The award is two bases, but does the re-tagging of 1st count as a bag? 2. What if in the live appeal process the runner doesn't retag first, and just walks to 2nd after the ball goes dead and my instruction of "runner, 2nd base"? Just bang him on an appeal (if it happens)? I guess what I'm asking is: should I instruct the runner to a specific bag, or just say "runner, two bases" and leave it up to him what he wants to do with them? Sit 2. R1 on first, no out. I'm in B. Pitcher steps off prior to his pick-off to first, making him eligible to fake and thus an infielder. Throw dribbles into dead ball territory. R1 goes to third, correct? I keep second guessing myself on this since when I played the umpires never enforced it (it feels like I'm making things up). Thanks, Tommy
  13. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It's funny that you mention the Jim Evans Academy kcfan because that is who the lead umpire referenced. I'll give changing it around a shot since I have 2 more scrimmage games before the start of the season. There was another thing I was dinged on during my latest scrimmage and that was body language. I was in the field in between innings (about 15-20 feet off the infield dirt in right field) and I had my arms folded to keep myself warm. The lead umpire said that was very bad body language and I appeared unapproachable or reluctant to be there. Any strategies for keeping warm without this so called bad body language? If you haven't figured out I was nitpicked all game by this guy...
  14. Hi All, I have a quick question about calling strikes. I was informed today that my strike call should be a simultaneous vocal and physical call. I typically verbally call the strike, then come up and make the physical call. It really brought about a lot of criticism from the lead umpire in our pre season scrimmage, but when I performed in front of my assignor, he didn't mention it as a negative, in fact he said it looked crisp and smooth. What do you all think? Is it really that big of a deal?
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