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  1. Maybe it looked different to me because I was directly behind him. I could have sworn I'd always seen balls with right hand and strikes with the left from the coaches box/dugout. Thanks for the response guys. Oh, and MSPChris, I don't need a drawing, but thanks for the offer.:)
  2. I was at a Semi Pro game tonight sitting behind the plate, the umpires (double header) kept giving the count but instead of giving it balls (their right hand) and strikes (their left hand) they were ginving it backwards (strikes right hand and balls left hand) is this normal? I'm used to seeing it balls right hand and strikes left hand.:wow:
  3. I like the idea of switching up the coaches to umpire other levels instead of umpiring in the same divisions. (minus the t-ball coaches anyway)
  4. 10u USSSA rec: Top of 3, R1, R2 no outs. Pulled our starter and brought in our "stud" we're down 9-3. 5 pitches in BR hits an ankle high liner back to F1. Runners are moving on contact, F1 catches it for 1 out, turns and throws to F3, out 2. F3 to F4 for out 3. VT really only has a couple of kids who can get over the plate consistently. Started bottom of 3 with a new F1 for the VT. he's all over the place and we get runners on and moving them around the base path. VT went through 3 different pitchers that half and gave up 7 runs for the W (for us.) We play 1.5 hour games, but this on
  5. Both of mine play, I always try not to coach them so I can be a parent, but always wind up coaching one or the other.
  6. I don't mind it if/when I'm in the opposite coach's box from that dugout. Seriously, the only time I'll stop it from my team is when they increase the tempo and volume with the pitch, or when it's out of line/character.
  7. If I remember correctly, LL did this when they went to a pitch count system, so the IW wouldn't count against the pitcher's count.
  8. Na, just tell them you're giving the pitchers a 2 for 1 deal on all strikes. NOTE: don't ever come to Texas and umpire any of my games using this method!!!
  9. By the time the defense took the field and the pitcher got all of his warm up pitches in the 3 minutes would have been up anyway.
  10. Thanks, forgot it had to be a force at 3rd.
  11. Wouldn't IFF be in affect?
  12. I think they are meaning follow through swing.
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