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  1. As far as the base awards: you could argue that he was wanting to throw down to first so the first baseman could put a tag on the runner should he run through the bag, that is something I have seen happen from time to time. However, being there it was easy to tell that this catcher was thinking that he was making a play on R1, trying to catch him in a large leadoff and just had a brain fart about it being ball 4. Does this make any difference in either situation? In response to CarolinaBlue's post: Shouldn't R1 be placed at 3rd and BR be placed at second should the ball go out of play? It's two bases either way, and I am assuming that R1 had not acquired 2nd base yet.
  2. So, I have a R1 with a batter at the plate. R1 has been taking big leads and they have been trying to get him on a pick off move. Batter takes Ball Four, I say Ball Four, catcher for some reason tries to throw down to First in what I assume is an attempt to pick off R1, even though it's now a walk. Batter has stepped out of the box and the throw from the catcher hits his bat, deflecting to the backstop. I had nothing but a live ball, and just watched what the fun unfold. Nobody really seemed to realize that R1 could of kept running since I had not given a dead ball sign. My only thought afterward was this: The batter had vacated the box and was not moving towards first yet. Is there any argument whatsoever for Int on the batter? What if R1 had kept running, would you have stopped him since his teammate had been partially responsible for causing the deflection of the ball? What if somehow that ball deflected from the bat and went in to dead ball territory?
  3. Jboval

    Cluster at First

    ah... damn.. I am the idiot... totally forgot about the force. Was thinking about the fact that if two BR are standing on bag, the following runner is out when tagged. Duh... thanks!
  4. Kind of surprised no one has come up with this but I think "I am only here to observe and rule on what you do, not tell you how to do it." or "you do what you think is right, and I will tell you afterward if it was or not"
  5. So, R1 and R3, batter hits blooper that lands right behind F6, who grabs it and for some reason, throws to F1. Meanwhile, R1 is still standing on 1st, because his coach thought F6 was going to catch it, and B/R is standing next to the bag, but off the bag. F1 throws to F3, F3 tags R1, who then walks off the bag and to the dugout. B/R steps onto 1st. All in that order. HaHa. As soon as R1 steps into dugout I announce "Runner out!" and everyone looks at me like I am an idiot(including U1), seeing as how the play has finished about 30 seconds ago. How many people have run into this? And have you just called the guy out to make it easy on everyone, or did you do what I did and wait? Would you announce it if F3 tags R1 and then looks at you, or just give a safe sign? Just curious.
  6. Took the Florida NFHS last night online. It was the open book test, but....couldn't find my darn book! Thought what the heck, took it anyway. 50 questions, no time limit. Took me 20 minutes, got a 92%. Was pretty easy I thought. Now that I think back, I would say about 70% T/F and rest Multiple Choice.
  7. I wouldn't of called and brought it to his attention. If he is dumb enough to list it for that, maybe he employs people dumb enough to ship it out without checking... everyone should of just kept their mouths shut and seen what happened... now he knows...
  8. I bet they won't cancel any orders on those $50 indicators and $50 umpire caps....
  9. But if the ball did land foul, then it was a legally occupied base since the batter was not yet a batter runner... right? He is not forced on anything other than a 'fair' batted ball. My understanding of the interpretation of the interference in this situation is this: If the player makes no effort to get out of the way of the fielder while maintaing contact with the base, then out, if he tries to get out of the way of the fielder, but still keeps contact with the base, then no INT.
  10. Which school did you go to ? Which one is more highly regarded? Like I said.. would really appreciate any feedback about them.
  11. I was curious if anyone has been to either of the pro schools in Florida, and if you have any feedback. I looked in the schools section, but no one has posted anything about them. Just curious, thinking about going this winter.
  12. Jboval

    Mattingly Situation

    Now maybe someone on here knows better than I, but when the coach tries to have a second Offensive Conference during the same batter, isn't it just a 'no, you can't do that', rather than a force to remove the pitcher? I would have thought the only thing they could have done was eject manager as a penalty.
  13. Jboval

    Jewelry rule

    We were having lots of trouble with the kids wearing jewelry here in our LL. We would mention it EVERY plate meeting, and yet, once a week, I would warn, and then end up tossing the next kid I found with it. Well halfway through the season our District had a meeting and decided that we would change our jewelry rule to "One warning to the team, then the Manager is ejected for that team". Amazingly, I have not had one problem since....
  14. Why do I recall somewhere reading that when you brush the plate, whether you announce "Time" or not, time is implied, and the ball should be put back in play. I am very concious of this when I clean the plate, making sure that if there is any potential of anything happen, I at least hold up my hand and announce "Time" loud enough for the up-coming batter and/or catcher to hear me in case something happens while my back is turned. That way I will have a player that can atest to the fact that I did indeed call "time".
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