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  1. I just ordered the schutt xv from ump attire and received it today.I have used the Wilson charcoal for 7 seasons and I am curious how it will compare.First thing I noticed is how light it is.It has a low profile look and looks to be very breathable.so far the only complaint I have is the strapping system.They are very thin and seem cheap.I am ready to get behind the dish and test it out.
  2. That's what I had also, they have used the same question two years in a row on our part 1.
  3. This is off of the IHSA (Illinois) part 1 exam,I submitted my test today curious how everyone else answers this one.
  4. blp79

    2012 test

    see that was what I was originally thinking,but then I thought that the fielder had the right and it was interference
  5. blp79

    2012 test

    after i posted this I looked at it as if it was a pop up and the fielder has the right to make the play but im still not sure if that is right
  6. blp79

    2012 test

    I am working on my states FED practice test,I think I am over thinking this one.With R1 at first base, less than two outs. A shot back at the pitcher deflects off the pitcher's foot toward first base. The pitcher chases the ball into the baseline between home and first. The pitcher arrives at the ball ahead of the batter-runner. As the pitcher is reaching for the ball, the batter-runner collides with the pitcher (not malicious) and both players fall to the ground. The pitcher gets up with the ball and tosses to first base for the put-out on the batter-runner. A. Obstruction on the pitcher;
  7. blp79

    Legion ejection

    report it 2 who? He is the chief in the town I travel through on my way to work it is a town a few miles away and i see him quite often when I stop in the local store for coffee in the morning,if he wants to be petty for me tossing him for acting like an idiot so be it.I just get a kick out of these rats no matter what they do or say to you,you are always the bad guy
  8. Tonight I was working a Legion double header,both close games in game 1 I got the bases.In the bottom of the 6th 1 out r2,r3 on br hits a long fly to f9,runners tag and r2 leaves early i'm in c and can see him leave right before the ball is caught and my partner calls catch.Defense appeals I call r2 out inning over.The hc who I played for in my playing days is upset:hopmad:I tell him what I got,let him vent and move on.As me and my partner are getting together The rat ac comes out to inform me that my call was horse sh#$.Well thanks for coming :wave:you can finish the game in the parking lot.T
  9. Brandon I have to agree,from what I see.I am sick of hearing the Sox announcers cry about how Joe has it out for them..And then Buehrle throws this glove in anger what does he expect to happen,but as usual it's always the umps fault.
  10. F3 was about 2' off the bag when he made the catch.
  11. Had this situation tonight,pretty sure I made the right call but wanted to bring it up.Fed rules,R1 one out,hit and run play Br pops up to F3 who is even with the bag as he is making the catch, R1 is on his horse to get back.R1 tries to slide around F3 but clips him as he is going back in and takes him off his feet,F3 holds on and I got Br on pop out and R1 on Int.The contact happened just as F3 caught the ball. What's your call
  12. welcome aboard:GL:
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