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  1. Hello ArchAngel72 and Mister B! It is nice to meet both of you. I appreciate your warm welcomes into the forum. All of your advice certainly makes a lot of sense. I never did employ the stop sign with the hand and the verbal "stop" in this situation or any other situation. I will be looking to incorporate these in problematic situations going forward and I really hope they help out. I hope that these techniques help to move the game along a little quicker too when there is conflict on the field. Often, it takes quite a while to resolve conflict in our area on the field, and I hope that we will be able to shut down this conflict with firmness. I think overall, as I have said, I will have a slightly shorter fuse than I have had before now and I hope that, as @Kevin_Kquotes @BigUmpire, I can "shoot one monkey" and the rest will start to listen a little better. Thanks for the advice, BabblingBlue68
  2. It may further be appropriate to add that though I am new to the forum, I am not new to officiating. I have been umpiring youth games for a while now-about 200 games a year on average-up to the Seniors level. Normally, I try to be pretty tolerant because all of my training has been in de-escalating situations. The goal is to avoid confrontation. Normally since I know many of the coaches, I don’t have too much trouble with them because they have a certain level of respect. However, this doesn’t always work. I have had much worse than this coach before, but I think what I need to do is lower my bar for what deserves to be ejected. Sometimes things that I would try to look past I don’t have to look past, I guess.
  3. Hello @Velho. This was a LL game at the 50/70 Intermediate level.
  4. Hey Scissors, SHO102, Kevin_K, ATXBlue, and Thatsnotyou! First of all, I'm very glad to meet all of you. I really appreciate all of the feedback you've given me so far. I have had the displeasure of dealing with similar behavior before. I have had the displeasure of dealing with ejections on the field as well. They are not fun and they are a lot of work. I think what I've done, though, is I've gotten myself to the point where I want to avoid all sort of ejection in any situation, so I have been avoiding it. But I think you are right. In this situation, an ejection would certainly have been warranted. The next time that I have something like this happen, I will certainly be MUCH less lenient in how I respond to it. And this coach has ZERO wiggle room going forward. I am going to try my best going forward to have a shorter leash with any coach. I tend to be a bit lenient as far as officials go, but I also understand that ejections are there for a reason-to shut down conflict and to keep the game to a point where the umpire can shut things down if he needs to. Sometimes they can be a tool of order and peace. I really appreciate your feedback on 'appeals' SHO102. I went back and read the rules, and you are absolutely right. There are no appeals on judgements, which is contrary to what I have always been taught. I have always been told, 'Be cool and be open-minded,' but I think that going forward I am going to start to put into practice what you are saying. The call is the call and unless there is a legitimate reason for the appeal to be heard, than appeals are simply disorderly conduct. To Kevin, first, I love your statement on the monkeys! It is certainly true. What I really don't want, though, is a reputation for being a 'trigger happy' umpire. However, some things, like what I have described above, are crossing the line. They just can't be tolerated. For the part of our 'senior umpire,' he certainly backed me up and was there to help me shut down the coach when he started to get out of line. He didn't do much talking, but he did get in the middle to break it up when it started to get a little more heated. After the game, he shared with me some of his own experiences and encouraged me to just brush it off and move past it. For some reason, though, I really just can't seem to let this one roll of my back. I don't know why. It just really got to me. Which, as @Scissors stated, would not have happened if I had just dumped him when he brought integrity into the situation. I suppose 'senior' could have done a bit more in the way of breaking it up in the heat of the moment and later on when the coach privately confronted me, but there is nothing to be done about that now. I think it has less to do with 'senior' and more to do with the coach who was such a d***. In regards to dugout restrictions, I have never known of that happening in our area, though I'm not sure it's totally of the table. I'm going to try to take this entire situation as a learning experience to grow. I don't like ejections, but I can absolutely see the coach's point of view there. When the umpire won't act on something, you are essentially telling him that he has free leash because there will be no penalties. I guess sometimes there's just no saving them. That said, does anyone have any advice on how you try to let careless comments of coaches roll off your back and move past them? That is a hard thing for me to do sometimes. Thanks, BabblingBlue68
  5. Hey everyone. I'm new to Umpire-Empire and this is my first post. I have been using this forum for a while now and I think that this is great. I'm not a very social guy and normally social media really isn't my thing, but when I was referred to Umpire-Empire by a colleague of mine, I thought it was great. I've rarely seen such a great place on the internet where like-minded officials can share stories and advice with one another. As my first post, I'd like to bring up a situation that occured yesterday on the field. I was on the bases and my partner, a very senior umpire, was doing a great job behind the plate. This was a 50/70 Intermediate youth game, where you would expect to see a little more maturity out of coaches than at lower levels. (At least I would, perhaps wrongly.) I will add here that there were a TON of close plays on this game, though I don't think my partner or I particularly screwed up any of them. We called them the way we saw them, and usually that is enough for most coaches in our area. This one coach, though, (who I have had multiple run-ins with before) had appealed 3 calls by the time we got to the 5th inning. Two of those appeals were on judgement calls, which were not heard, as judgements are not appealable. I was in C position using big diamond mechanics with a single runner on third base. This coach was was the third base coach and there was one out. The ball was hit and the runner was retired on an extremely close bang-bang force play at first base. I called him out and the coach LOST it. He screamed at me from across the field: "WHAT?! HE'S OUT! WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! HE'S SAFE BY A STEP AT LEAST! THAT'S SO OBVIOUS!! (BabblingBlue68) I KNOW YOU DON'T LIKE ME AND I KNOW YOU HATE MY TEAM, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CALL A FAIR GAME! JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE ME DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD BE CALLING AGAINST US!" Mind, the entire stadium could hear this and I could not believe what he had just said. I called time and walked over to him. I very quietly and politely said "What, coach! That's ridiculous." And then more loudly "How dare you insult my integrity as an official! That is absolutely inappropriate in any context!" The coach fired back: "You're insulting my integrity with BS calls like this! That isn't even close. Every single call you've made today has gone against our team! Your partner too! They've all gone against us. You just have it out for us!" I was fed up: "Coach, I will give you one chance to quiet down and stay in the game, or I'll toss you." He shut up and I went back to work. Between innings, I was on my way down to the plate to return an errant ball to my partner when I was intercepted by the third base coach, who was also the manager of this team. He put his hand on my shoulder, which I very quickly brushed off, informing the coach that this was contact with an official and was punishable by ejection. "I'm sorry," he said. "I maybe overstepped myself over there. But look, this goes back a few weeks. It goes back to the time you denied my appeal over that foul ball, and the other time that you refused to grant me time to go speak with another umpire about a blown call." (I admit that these scenarios happened, but in a very different way than this coach would have you think. From an officiating standpoint, I was right in all of these situations.) "All you've done is show me a lack of respect as a coach and all of your calls and mannerisms are so obviously driven by your ego. You're like a dictator on the field. Even today, you haven't even tried to make it seem like you're calling a fair game. You don't like me or my team, and so you're calling them for the other team just to get back at me!! I've appealed three calls today and all of them have stood! That's ridiculous! I'm like, Jesus, can't we get any benefit from the umpires today?!" I just couldn't believe what he was saying. The funniest thing to me is the fact that he had just said he was sorry, and then he basically just contradicted himself by listing the reasons that he wasn't sorry! The game came to a close soon after and I felt pretty good that I had managed the situation to the point where I was able to keep the manager in the game, but the things that he said were infuriating! I have been offered bribes before, even, and my answer has ALWAYS been a resounding NO! SO for that coach to come at me and to INSULT MY INTEGRITY and accuse me of a lack of impartiality was HIGHLY offensive. I spared him ejection on the field, but after the game I did report him to the local umpire in chief, whom I hope will see to it that he will at least get a stern reprimanding. At the end of the day, if he gets under my skin, the coach wins, and that can't happen. However, the example that he sets for the children on his team by berating the official like that is terrible. Never have I been so insulted by a coach than I was by that manager. What he said was absolutely inappropriate in any context, and in a business setting it probably would have got him fired. To me, the integrity of the official is the cornerstone of the game and, along with many other factors, if the official no longer maintains an atmosphere of impartiality, the game will die with that moral. The integrity of the official is one thing that you should never touch as a coach, player, manager, fan, etc.. For most officials that I know, they live and die by their integrity on the field. Whether their calls are right or not, they will always, ALWAYS remain completely impartial. They'd sooner resign their position than accept a bribe or simply decide to turn against a team because they don't like the coach. (How ridiculous does that sound?!) All in all, now that I've had an opportunity to vent, I will try to just let this go and let the league take charge of this, but I will certainly not soon forget the manager who attacked me on a moral level. Thanks, BabblingBlue68
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