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  1. Spring has (finally) arrived in Canada, first day of the regular season!

  2. First game of the season tonight.. hello Canadian spring!

  3. Definitely crappy defence on the play. Upon review, and several replays and pauses, I've got R2 and R3 both out. Paused at the right moment of the video, looks like F1 nicked the jersey of R3 just before he made it to the plate.
  4. Welcome aboard Mike! This site is definitely a great resource, hope you maximize what you get out of it!
  5. I've heard ongoing discussion on other forums/pages about the matter of a balk or not. I don't see one personally, just wanted input from others around the web.
  6. Couldn't figure out how to embed this one, apologies, but the video is available here. What do you all have on this? OBR citation helpful!
  7. MLB Umpire Camps have released the dates and locations for six free umpire camps being hosted this year.. see more below from MLBUC ___________________________________________________ Continuing with the success of the last year's camps, MLB Umpire Camps will again offer six free, one-day clinics. The camps offer training for umpires of all levels, from beginners to seasoned veteran umpires. Instructional staffs include long-time umpiring greats, such as: Bruce Froemming, Charlie Reliford, Randy Marsh, Larry Young, Ed Montague, and Ed Rapuano. These current MLB Supervisors, along with other pro-instructors will work with candidates on balls and strikes, base work, situation management, and much more! Each of the following dates will also serve as prospecting clinics. Nineteen attendees from last year's clinics went on (at no cost) to the MLB Professional Mini-Camp in Ft. Myers, Florida in December. Nine of the Ft. Myers attendees in 2014 advanced on MLB scholarships to the two professional umpire schools this past January, and most will be beginning their pro careers this June. Over 100 attendees of MLB Umpire Camps have gone on to work in professional baseball since 2006. Don't miss your chance to meet and work with some of the best in the game, and see if you have what it takes to work in the Big Leagues! 2015 Free MLBUC Clinic Schedule: April 26 - Las Vegas, College of Southern Nevada (Henderson, NV) May 17 - Chicago, North Central College (Naperville, IL) June 27 - Miami, Marlins Park July 25 - St. Louis, Busch Stadium August 15 - Cincinnati, Reds' MLB Urban Youth Academy November 14 - Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium
  8. Question to all you umpires out there, What types of statements from coaches or players warrant an EJ in your books? Any keywords that warrant an immediate ejection, versus a warning? Hoping to hear some opinions!
  9. Hi all! My name is Justin, and I've relatively new to the profession, just starting a couple of years ago. I ump up to 15U, rep as well as house league at my local association level, and in the surrounding area. I'm always interested in gaining new experience as an umpire, and learning better ways to interpret the rules of the game. Looking forward to "meeting" and learning from all of you out there!
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