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  1. Hi All


    Stuart Pfeffer Ump1019@aol.com 

    I'll be attending CDP week #6 JULY 6-12  2019

    This will be my 14th year attending Dreams Park.

    I'm presently searching for a team to sponsor week #6

    I can be contacted at 732-513-4836 or ump1019@aol.com

    thank you


  2. Hi Guys All of you are correct. Smittys Shirts & Jackets run 1/2- a full size larger than Honigs. I don't live to far from Smitty's in NJ. Was there 2 weeks ago to purchase hats, shirts and New Umpire Jacket for Association that I joined this year. I was there on a Monday and received my order by Friday. Just in time for week-end games. GREAT SERVICE GREAT PRICES Stuart Ump1019@aol.com
  3. Stuart Pfeffer Ump1019 I'll be attending week #11 Aug. 15 This will be my 11th year I'm presently searching for a team to sponsor
  4. Hi All, I have been attending for the past 10 yrs. It's been a great learning experience. I met several umpires year #1 2005 and we have been in touch ever since. Been to family events etc. Don't let some of these negative umpires turn you away. Cooperstown Dreams Park is a great place to umpire at. Stuart Ump1019@aol.com
  5. I will be attending Week #11 Aug. 15 Looking for a team
  6. Hi I was confirmed for week 11 Aug 15 I'm looking for a Team that week Stu Ump1019
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