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  1. @Thunderheads sold please lock it up!
  2. I have a Umplife Utility bag for sale. (just cleaning out the closet.) Its in terrific shape. It does not have any logos other then the Ump Life logo on it. $12 pay pal friends and family and its yours.
  3. I just received my NB V3 mid cut plate shoes. I have tried them on with the Force 3 shin guards. I have noticed the shin guards sit very high on the plate shoes. My ankle bone is completely exposed. Is anyone else having this problem? Chris
  4. you can tell its an Adidas by the welds
  5. fake nike alert! be aware! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nike-Catchers-Mask/283784224076?hash=item4212db9d4c:g:irgAAOSwby9eSF1M
  6. I have a brand new, never worn pair of NB 460 plate shoes size 10 x-wide. $75 shipped.
  7. I've got 4 of them. I would entertain an offer.
  8. Gentlemen, does anyone know a safe way to remove the Diamond logo on the from of the Quick Dri pads?
  9. I have an unused / unaltered Nike Harness for sale. I'll ship it to you for $50.00 Friends and Family.
  10. My babies. 4 Nikes, 2 with team wendy (my gamers), one with the Mother's day cancer pink (to honor my wife, who is a breast cancer survivor ) One navy, and one Wilson Ti with TW
  11. @gnhbua93 I can't speak highly of the transaction I had with this brother umpire. He is a gentleman and a scholar
  12. The tag that comes on the harness tells you when and where it was made. My new one was made on May 3, 2018 in China.
  13. I recently purchased a brand new Nike TI mask. I noticed that its no longer made in Thailand and now made in China. Has anyone else seen a difference in masks?
  14. Gents I have a brand new, literally used one game Force 3 Bucket. Ill ship it to you for $150. PayPal FF PM me for photos Thanks
  15. @Thunderheads if you mind, LOCK IT UP!
  16. I have 2 Smitty Black MLB shirts with gray panel for sale. Both are size Medium. Both are well taken care of. If you want to see photos, send me a message. I'll ship them both to you for $25
  17. Hey guys, any ideas with fixing the Shin Guard Velcro part? It keeps pulling all my pants hems. Any ideas would be awesome ! Thanks Chris
  18. Gentlemen I have a brand new never opened Gerry Davis Fechheimer Poly Wools. The are Plate Pants size 36. I'll ship them to you $55 Pay Pal friends and family.
  19. Great Communication and transaction with @Fire Eye
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