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  1. If a pitcher's Windup position is very similar to a set position with runner/s on bases he has to announce this windup pitching to umpires under rule 5.07(a)(2) Comment. Is there a balk if he announces Windup and uses the set motion?
  2. DJ Reyburn changed his mask for a military type
  3. "The Strike Zone shall be determined from the batter’s stance..." but when the batter takes a bunting stance has he a same zone or he has smaller zone?
  4. Is the ruling correct in a manual? A Situation K6 (page 188) in the Wendelstedt's Rules and Interpretations Manual 2016. Batting order: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I "No one on, no outs, no count. Hooker is due up, however, Baker comes to bat. After two pitches, Baker knocks a base hit to right field. Irwin then comes to bat and walks on four pitches. Abel then moves Baker and Irwin up on a sacrifice bunt. After Abel is put out, the defense appeals to the plate umpire that the offense is batting out of order. Ruling: Charles is called out and Abel's out is nullified. Baker is returned to second base and Irwin to first. The next proper batter is Daniel." My interpretation: When is first pitch made on Irwin, Baker is legalized and a proper batter is Charles but Irwin is at bat. Irwin is walked and first pitch on Abel legalized Irwin's start. Abel is proper batter and the defese appeal is irrelevant. I think that the interpretation in the manual is correct before the pitch on Abel. Am I wrong?
  5. David3

    Mask Porn?

    Where did you buy the Wilson Ti version 2? Thx
  6. I'm looking for this type of wilson titanium mask frame.
  7. Anybody know a model code of a new titanium wilson mask and where I can buy it? I'm looking for a new titanium frame. It is same like wear Laz Diaz and Marvin Hudson this Postseason. See the attached picture. But don't tell me that is same as WTA3009 BLTI or WTA3009 TI, is not same Thank you for help. #3 David
  8. Wear this therma jacket like Dale Scott
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