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  1. I'm also not calling a balk. The intention is clearly to step off the rubber, and that is also clear to every runner so no deception there
  2. Yep, my 'ritual' is just about the same and it works fine. An extra bonus I feel I get when done with every foul is that it it becomes a real habit. And that makes forgetting it in a situation with runners almost impossible.
  3. Ukce and JM, Thanks for the fast and accurate replies. Good to know that for (almost ?) every situation you can imagine a piece of ruling exists. And of course that there are people who know the way in the many manuals there are!. Regards, Rob,
  4. Put some umpires together, and inevitably (in the Netherlands it does, anyway) after a while strange situations pop up. And ofcourse what the ruling should be on these plays. Last weekend a play was described that none of the umpires present felt really sure about what to rule: OBR, R3, 2 out, flyball to center. F8 seems to make an easy catch, but instead of catching the ball in his glove, he misses it and the ball dissapears into his uniform jersey. He throws down his glove, searches for the ball inside his uniform and finally comes up with it. We agreed it cannot be a catch,
  5. Seems like a textbook case of OBS to me. Perhaps the runner was out of the base line, but he was running on that line from his last 180 turn, so no problem there. He was out of the line only after Hardy jumped him ..
  6. A clip can be found here: OBS Braves @ Nats In the Video box it's the clip called 'Werth scores'
  7. Yes, F1 stepped to the base, as if it was a pickoff instead of an appeal. Thanks all for correcting me, that's a call I won't miss again @Mazza : luckily I only gave them a base (R1 => 2nd base), not a run. The run scored on the sac fly (and by the way, R3 didn't leave early, so the appeal would've been in vain anyway)
  8. OKOK, just hit some button that sent the post sorrrrrry Added the question now
  9. Was I right or was I wrong? Situation: I'm PU, 1 out , runners on 1st and 3rd. Batter hits a popup to center that''s caught. R3 tags up and scores , R1 remains at 1st So far so good. Ball goes back to F1, who gets ready to pitch to the next batter. One of the fielders tells F1 to appeal because R3 left early. F1 answers loud and clear "Ok, I'll do that', steps on the rubber and tosses the ball to the F5, who steps on the bag. I call a balk, for throwing to a non occupied base while in contact with the rubber. Some discussion, and the gam
  10. I think that according to rule 3.15 the answer should be: a and d
  11. Temperature starts rising above 10 C in the Netherlands. Had a couple of practise games, opening day on april 9. Looking very much forwards to that!!

  12. I'd like to know why you never used it, as I'm in doubt wheter or not to buy one. Because the 2.0 is not yet sold in the Netherlands, I will have to buy it via the internet so there is no opportunity to try it on and I want to avoid the hassle of sending items back across the Atlantic. Thanks in advance, Rob.
  13. It's only january!! Why is the wheather here so lousy that the season starts in april....

  14. Warren, Yep, that's more like it. But still: put that redirect page in place. I don't think you want to do this link changing thing by hand for the whole site.... btw: I like the new look, feel and functions of the site very much! grtz, Rob.
  15. Hi tjthresh, Don't know if it's got anything to do with the new forum, but when I follow the link to your 'Gear list' at the bottom of your post I get a page that says that the forum will be open again on 1/1/11
  16. I’m from the Netherlands, and I’ve been roaming around this very good site for a while now. I’ve read a lot of very interesting discussions, and found the answer to rule questions pretty easily in the rules-forum. One thing that makes things about rules in this forum difficult for me is the almost constant mentioning of a number of different rule sets, where we have only one (a slightly adapted version of the MLB-rules). And of course the (minor but sometimes major) differences between the rules in those sets. Does anyone know a site where I can find those different sets, or, what’s
  17. I've been wearing these guards for 1,5 seasons now, and I am really very satisfied. I bought the first charcoal guards with the extra padding like the black West Vest Pro, and I wonder where the app $40 price difference comes from. (in The Netherlands the price difference is even bigger: 50 euro equals to more than $60!) I've taken the occasional full shot without flinching, and the adjustable ankle plates also proved to be very good.
  18. Nothing beats the experience of seeing a foultip foul that hits you full in the chest bouncing back halfway to the mound, a catcher turning around with a look on his face as if he expects to find you lying flat in the dirt, while you can say (smiling!!) "no problem, thats why we wear all that stuff". And of course you feel the hit, but that's about it. No bruises etc. I'm absolutely a fan of this protector, and encourage everyone to try and buy it!!
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