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  1. I don't know why, but in later production runs, didn't Riddell make this and in other colors, but then the suit hit? Isn't the legend that there is a warehouse somewhere with bunches of these colored things?
  2. I prefer t-hooks. Better fitting as @Thunderheads stated. More like the original Douglas WV.
  3. I completely agree with Richvee.
  4. Yes absolutely correct. Thank you. I would have preferred the popcorn alternative and it crossed my mind, but...
  5. Getting my self in between them. More concerned that contact would be on me for trying to get in between.
  6. On Sunday, in an important D2 league contest both head coaches went after each other. It began with benches yelling at each other (warnings given, bottom of the 9th) and in the top of the tenth a batter requests time out, I grant it, pitcher continues, batter steps back in with a foot and fouls dead ball pitch (inexperienced player confusion) catcher stayed crouched. Defensive HC becomes unglued and wants the batter ejected for making the game unsafe. My partner dumps a dugout sniper (assistant) as I settle HC. At the end of that half inning the offensive HC leaving from the third base coach's box stops to talk to the defensive HC. OHC says, "Charlie, if you have a problem with one of my players, just come to me. You don't have to go to the umpires." DHC suggests the OHC's players are rear-end orifices and they go chest to chest. What would you do next? Letting them go and likely them hitting each other would have led to a larger altercation I felt. So I stepped in between them. The DHC at this point was saying, "Rick, you are a $***head" repeatedly. I walked him down the left field line. Yes, in walking him out we did make some contact, which is bad, but was unavoidable. Things settled and the game ended in the 13th. Parents verbally abused my partner and I on the way out as we had to walk past their stands. Generally they said we were bleeps for making the game unsafe (where did they get that?). Names changed.
  7. 45 and showers & wind today...
  8. Since it looks like you are "chopped" did you go the rest of the game without throat protection, or did you go to a backup
  9. Seeing Hamari looking back as he's departing 2nd. Good for him otherwise he'd be making that call from way way away...
  10. Was supposed to have my first this afternoon, but got 14" of snow yesterday. Oh well!
  11. FWIW: https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B51AC01/Con-Cushion-Mask-Enhancer.html
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