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  1. Back in the day, when I wore a Rawlings CP it came with (and I guess still does) bicep pads that aren't danglers. They slid up your arm seperately. Kept them long after I dumped the CP because I could use them to protect sore arm bruises.
  2. Were many people now at Riddell alive/adults when these were being made?
  3. And the WV plastic is so much more solid.
  4. GerryB

    The Balloon

    I agree that it was better protection (and cooler!). I do think though it led to a more consistent strike zone for those who worked over the top (I didn't). Left handed batter or right handed you stood in the same place with your head in the same place for every batter. I didn't work over the top because I wanted a better look at the low pitches than was afforded by the balloon over the top. Just my opinion.
  5. GerryB


    Ah well, I did use one when I started out. Others may have other ways. I did both hands holding the inside strap loosely, so you can tuck those elbows in. When moving, right hand pulls the protector off of the left shoulder to free the left hand for the mask. I remember guys who would put their whole arm through the strap and use the raft to knock the ball away, like a shield. When I started big boy baseball I switched to the Rawlings inside protector (epaulets stapled to a catchers protector). Looking back not sure how I survived!
  6. My college schedule officially disappeared from Arbiter today; HS delayed until at least the 27th. April 27th.
  7. >sigh< canceled games piling up on my arbiter account....
  8. I don't know why, but in later production runs, didn't Riddell make this and in other colors, but then the suit hit? Isn't the legend that there is a warehouse somewhere with bunches of these colored things?
  9. I prefer t-hooks. Better fitting as @Thunderheads stated. More like the original Douglas WV.
  10. I completely agree with Richvee.
  11. Yes absolutely correct. Thank you. I would have preferred the popcorn alternative and it crossed my mind, but...
  12. Getting my self in between them. More concerned that contact would be on me for trying to get in between.
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