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  1. Think Tony could get this done for me?
  2. Kept him in! He was laughing. One of those (really) old-timers who can light it up, but also gets it.
  3. I just missed one of those, and the HC at 3rd said, "That's the fastest you've moved in ten years!"
  4. @Razzer, just a check - my memory is that the over the shoulder pad went further towards the back than current CPs do, more football like; do they? And those caps are retro-fitted?
  5. Yes, surprising but if IIRC the shoulders were more football and if you notice in the picture the plates didn't go down very far. The Power changed all that. Thanks @MadMax
  6. Hunter wearing his father's old Donzi/Easton.
  7. Sorry, but West designed the chest protector built by Riddell. Riddell's came before Douglas' and Wilson's WV. Your chronology is incorrect. Aside my own receipts, I reference Fittske24 right here on U-E. "The Riddell power, vintage WV and the gold have the overall same design. Joe west was the original designer of the power. When Joe decided to sue Riddell, he went to Douglas during the lawsuit. Once Riddell was told to stop producing powers, Joe moved on to Wilson and back to the "power" style design. When Joe started working with Riddell, he didn't have the CP design patented. When the
  8. To add to the football list, Donzis/Easton football pads became umpire pads just before the Riddell WV.
  9. Yes, in the late 90s Riddell was unavailable for sale. I was on the waiting list just in case Joe relented...
  10. Love them (I have the black - same thing I believe). They squeak, but they have taken everything, including straight knee shot without ill effects.
  11. I got an email for closeouts from the Smitty Outlet Store. One of them was this Smitty/Douglas mask, $89. Is this a rebrand of a Force3?
  12. Agreed. Years ago I gave a college F2 that speech. He told his head coach what I said and the coach buzzed out to me between innings screaming and pointing that he teaches F2s to pull and to stop talking to his catcher. He quickly ended up in the parking lot and I stopped talking to F2s...
  13. Drake had the best angle this would be hard from any other position.
  14. Agreed! I'm absolutely horrified by seeing this. It is another level of concentration I think for the MLB guys, to ignore the pull. I'm concerned about what it will mean for HS/College ball. Every pull now will be regarded in the dugout as a strike?? I think the technology is driving this; in MLB catchers know that catching it "right" won't help them anymore since the umpires are being graded on where the pitch actually is. So no longer any need to work hard and correctly frame a pitch, so why not be lazy and maybe steal one in the process? What does this mean for those of us with no
  15. Aside from apparel, I have two masks. I once took an eye-bar bender in the fourth inning. It was a relief to have the second available.
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