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  1. job opening at hawk-eye https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/sports-systems-operator-baseball-hawk-eye-innovations-JV_IC1155583_KO0,32_KE33,53.htm?jl=3238640584
  2. latest usa today article on track man https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2019/08/19/baseball-robo-umpires-atlantic-league-mlb-trackman/2038459001/
  3. Last 2 ejections as a player for him to pick on were call ups at the time, Justin Klem and Brian Knight.
  4. I think I would double stitch the crotch area on a plate ( maybe triple) or base or combo pants. I believe the old trick of using small fishing weights to hold the hem down will work also.
  5. The error is the win at all costs teaching technique used by the coach. This is how winners do, or you are a loser. You want to know where this comes from, just look at the coaches setting such a great example for your child, and the parents condoning this type of coaching technique, because these are the things that get you ahead in life, and get you that look at me, look at me, how great i am, that all winners in the game of life have, or should have and aspire to, so you don't get left out in real life. So, to me, you would not have to even need a rule about this, if I were a coach. Number one, I as a coach (and that is why I would never be asked to be one in a competition environment i would imagine), i would not coach this type of tactic even though I would be violating the athletic/competition code of, if you ain't cheat'in, you ain't trying. the above would be told at the beginning of the year in a meeting with the players and the parents. I would also mention to the parents that winning at all costs was not in my vocabulary, but I would be fine with anyone that wanted to find another League or team that did not share my views. if I caught my player doing this, and I would catch it before the umpire, believe me, I would remove the player and we would have one last talk about why that strategy would not be acceptable sportsmanship, with the warning that the next violation, strike 3, (remember strike one was at the beginning team meeting with the parents and by not leaving then, you were in agreement with my thoughts on sportsmanship and fair play), and removal from the team. You would not need this rule with me, nor would the umpire need to deal with any sneaky attempts at avoiding the spirit of the rules. Now if you want to keep the player in the game with the current rule, just make it so the umpires move the violator back a base, just like getting knocked back in a board game. If a runner is behind the runner being sent back, that runner is declared out, and removed from the base due to the violation of the lead runner being penalized. The player is warned and so is the coach. Further transgressions by any player for this same violation are ejection from the game for the coach. If the same player violates a second time for this same violation, that player is ejected. Life does not have to be 3 strikes and you are out in all instances, even with baseball.
  6. Well, if there is any doubt if the Crew Chief opens the ALWS, here is the proof. Nice 1:44 game with a lot of runs. So, it is possible to move a high scoring game along in today's game. https://legion.org/uploads/baseball/2019/WS01.pdf 3B https://legion.org/uploads/baseball/2019/WS03.pdf 2B https://legion.org/uploads/baseball/2019/WS06.pdf I will let you finish the WS in peace now. Enjoy and congrats to your whole crew on the honor of working the ALWS.
  7. at 2nd base styling for the 2nd game. 4th inning Louisiana vs Missouri-Louisiana 9-0. they have a mercy rule, but I do not know if that is 10 runs after 5 or what. Missouri guy out at home just now.
  8. The famous NCAA D1 basketball official who was also a supervisor of officials for several D1 Basketball Conferences??
  9. somewhere down the line you need to reach out to Suzanne Dodd (she is from your State), director of training and camps with PAVO. At pavo.org., For future collegiate volleyball if you are so inclined and have the time like any Collegiate Sport. Since you are not in LA or big ten country for the men, your avenue would be HS, D3,D2,D1 women's route. Or, if just High School works for you, great. The ladies will get a good official. Here is your link for USA volleyball training etc and their organization. Oh yes, the red i said was 74, that should have been 77. https://www.volleyballreftraining.com/resources_national_official_lps.php
  10. Sorry I knocked you down a peg on that Regional game there under another topic, MR CREW CHIEF FOR THE 2019 WORLD SERIES. However, I figured you needed to get in a little work and exercise in a Regional, rather being an armchair quarterback at home this weekend. Hope you mowed the grass yesterday/today to get your heart rate up and get some exercise. Hate to see you pass out or something in the WS. And no I am not trying to jinx you. Good luck. I will be keeping up on the box scores. Say hello to miss USA (future cowgirl) and make us drool with a picture again. Say hello to David Thompson.
  11. When the camera showed the whole dugout, it looked like James Paxton yelling. That's my story and i'm sticking to it.
  12. Don't you have a Regional game in Asheboro or something????? Get off of here and go do your game, or are they waiting till you finish posting?????
  13. Hopefully, you are making in-roads into your new sport by attending as many clinics and camps as you can to speed your development. Also USA Volleyball is a big thing, and hopefully you would look into that arena. That guy I found that is 74 years old, was still working D1 last year, so if you can hold up, you might have a long time left in your new adventure. And my my, with a little extra digging he is showing up as a former D1 baseball umpire.
  14. here is the latest on the liquidation end of things for hydration. https://time.com/5646632/how-much-water-to-drink/?utm_source=pocket-newtab you still better get that pickle juice.
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