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  1. at some point leading up to the making of all judgement calls, as written in the rules by the finest minds in the game (clearly written or poorly written, even clearly definable or not clearly definable whatever those terms would mean), a point gets reached somewhere, in which the chance for controversy within that judgement call can happen. No. just make all calls IR able. drones manning every game everywhere and with a control center (commander in charge drone) at the Avenue of Americas complex for final appeals, right or wrong. i did not like the coaches "on me all night part". that means a continual running commentary on one's performance. sounds like somebody(s) needs to go visit and take a permanent time out in the port a potty room for the rest of the day/night. have the person in charge of the field lock them in for the remainder of the game.
  2. just like those those 1/4" pitches near the strike zone in/out, high/low they keep throwing at you all night.
  3. where was the home team security/AD detail to accompany the umpires safely to their vehicles. and in a ""playoff"" game no less. guess that pitcher was just rejected by MLB scouts, or that NCAA coach and scholarship for that one pitch being called a ball. had a strike been called, he would have been a MLB first round draft choice or attending a D1 power 1/2/3/4/5/6 school. yes sir re buddy, if we don't win on the field we are going to win off the field. is this how they treat people at work also.
  4. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/softball/2022/05/13/texas-softball-coach-mike-white-apologizes-obscene-gesture/9773736002/ https://www.statesman.com/story/sports/2022/05/13/texas-longhorns-softball-coach-mike-white-apologizes-ejection-middle-finger/9771836002/
  5. we have had instances, have we not, where the helping officials call was proven 110% incorrect, and the original call was correct. so, runner on 3b and 1b. both umpires are close to the bag for possible pick offs. batter hits ball back to pitcher at his shoetops for catch, no catch. HP has out and ball not hitting ground. 1BU has great angle and is 110% sure he trapped it. 3BU has great angle and is 110% sure he caught it clean like HPU or he is 110% sure he trapped it also. Later after the game, your wife, who was there filming, shows conclusively that the HPU's original call of catch was 110% correct and both base umpires were wrong if they both saw 110% no catch, or one was correct that had what the HPU originally had. All umpires would have gone to their grave saying they 110% made the correct call. So, what is one to do. in one or both cases the base umpire call helped get the call correct with the no catch, in another he was wrong with the no catch and HPU was correct all along. or just go to 52:15 to 1:08:25 to enjoy a sticky situation
  6. as you well know by now, and per umpscorecards, not the MLB Private, he was 137 for 145 on correctly called pitches, or 94.5 accuracy which beat out Ted Barrett who was 147 out of 161 for a 91.3 accuracy and Bill Miller who was 148 out of 160 for a 92.5 accuracy by umpscorecards game stats. now facebook or twitter umpscorecards would have the picture graph breakdown for viewing.
  7. usually it is a slip on wet grass, not a trip by the 1B. glad he is all right, with 1B offering an assist. who says that uni will not get dirty.
  8. got it-- but for the record--i have no dog in any hunt for any of the 300+ D1 teams. i have dogs in the hunt when i see the umpires being picked by overaggressive coaches. i think i jumped on the Louisville coach, when he went bonkers a while back and the NC State coach from whatever conferences they were in when they happened. now have there been others. oh yes, but for some reason, it seems like, those that know will not post from other areas that i also try to find from east to west to north to south and have missed. and yes, i know that Louisville is in Kentucky and NC State is in North Carolina, and their guys are no saints either, which are in the ACC, but i am not sure Louisville was in the ACC at the time the Louisville coach went bonkers. but, once again will work on the tone down. and i think there was a direction signal situation in the miami area last night, but that is up in another topic on this forum.
  9. @Umpire in Chief - did a case of UT's water make it to ECU?
  10. it goes to the top. so its the institution that condones his overboard behavior ( no, i'm not talking about throwing his hat on ground and saying your blind). nothing says the institution could not have given him 8 days, remember i mentioned people telling me they got double at home from whatever trouble they got in at school. so he would still not be coaching with the NCAA game penalty from the week before of 4 games, and then the institution punishing his deplorable behavior with 8 games. even another 4 from the institution he would have been out this week. dont let the institution off the hook. the institution could put a lid on him in a heartbeat. and if he did not like it, he could walk
  11. and this organization go to supporters and look at that long list of who's who of distinguished people lending their name. whatever they are doing is not working, whether its the kids or coaches and this includes both youth groups and schools. and only Barry Mano representing officials https://positivecoach.org/pca-training/
  12. here we go with Tennessee again yesterday. what is in the water. What is it, if we lose on the field we are going to kick your rear end watch from 12:45 -13:48
  13. just another play into 2nd with pop up slide when attempting to make double play. runner easily beats play into 2nd with quick pop up slide and has his arms outstretched at shoulder height. so, would this only be considered some type of interference if the outstretched arms at shoulder height, were determined as a deliberate and intentional act with the arms by the runner to break up the double play on the throw to first. start at 10:14
  14. i would talk to barry mano. here is an article and he mentions only 25 states have laws to make assault on an official a felony. only 23 states have that. https://www.theitem.com/stories/amid-increasing-abuse-officials-flee-youth-sports,381633
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