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  1. I like the look of the gap protection. I bought one a few years and paid extra for the gap protection - they added a smaller version of the outer flap. It made the shoulders look very very tall and I cut it off. This flat plate should work much better.
  2. My favorite piece of equipment are the UE shin-guards - love them.
  3. what level, Keefj? Adult baseball - the pitch had nothing on it. I was a bit surprised how much I felt it - but I do love the fit and feel of the UE CP. I will wear it until I get hurt. I also have a WV Gold and a recent Douglas CP.
  4. Very interesting - I didn't know Boombah made umpire pants. As heavy duty as the Poly-Wools - now that is high praise. I just might have to try these out. And I love my poly wools.
  5. I really do like the UE shin guards. I have found them to be as advertised. They are very very comfortable. I did take a deflected shot this weekend that initially hit the batter. With my UE CP I definitely felt the shot - did it hurt - no! But, I felt it. I never felt anything with the Wilson Gold CP.
  6. Just pulled the trigger on the UE shin guards - I just couldn't stand reading all the great reviews without giving them a whirl. I trust I will like mine also. Looking forward to trying them on.
  7. Any thoughts on the comparison between the Systems 7 shin guards and the UE?
  8. I am very happy to see the UE stuff receive such positive reviews. Seemed sort of negative when it was first released. I've enjoyed my UE CP. The shins are pricey - hope they work out. I am also in the market for a new set.
  9. Just wanted to add my thanks for the good work you guys do. The reviews are very helpful and are always appreciated.
  10. We should start an over under on the price...
  11. Sizing has always been an issue with New Era - it is the beautiful high maintainence girl you cannot do without. Nothing looks or fits like a NE - although sizing IS an issue.
  12. I was told the CP would be more expensive than the "plastic" models. Yes, now a hardshell CP is simply plastic. Oh well, I am very intrigued by this new product. I believe it will easily top the $200 price point - hope I'm wrong. It looks very low profile. I also noticed they edited out the shoulder shot taken by Evans.
  13. As a dedicated New Era 5950 fan I am disheartened they have discontinued their line of umpire caps. Richardsons - with the higher crown - are nice, but they are not a New Era. Considering New Era makes the MLB umpire caps, you would think they would fill the need for the armature market.
  14. I dont understand why Douglas cant get smaller shoulder caps and not those - is that what youre referring to Chris? The caps on the Gold are much much smaller and serve the same purpose. This is my only issue with the Douglas. It does sit rather high on my shoulders. The smaller cap would be an improvement.
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