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Mister B

Public Batting cages in AZ

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So, the family is heading to AZ for Thanksgiving. Our 13 year old son is hoping to get some hitting in while we are there. Are there any public batting cages near Cashman Park? Or anywhere in Phoenix? Like a HS or something. I'm sure we can find an indoor facility with pitching machines, but we are working on hitting locations and correctly reading the outside pitch. I'm fortunate enough to be able to locate the strike zone. Can't throw heat, but shortening the distance works for BP. 

We are lucky here as some of the high schools have outdoor tunnels with L-screens and our little league has 2 outdoor tunnels with L-screens. We are unlucky as the weather is not going to be as cooperative over the next few months. 

Other ideas are welcome. 


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@KenBAZ will likely drop you a note here, too... Unfortunately, I’ll miss you, since I’ll be back in Wisconsin for the week with my family. If I was here, I’d take you and your son around to the Major League facilities. Each of them have top-notch batting cages and pitching lanes, and if you know the facilities managers, we can get in for a few minutes.

The best alternative though, is to go to Extra Innings in Mesa or to Chad Moeller’s (ex-MLB catcher) Team Dinger academy in Scottsdale – http://www.scottsdalebattingcages.com/


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