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Keeping track of your games

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How do you keep track of your schedule? and payments?

My primary Association uses Arbiter, but that only covers my HS baseball and sofball games. That's about 1/3 or less of all my games.

I also work legion, LL-jr and a couple of adult leagues. And this year I started working with ASA for softball.

Over the years I have developed a multi-tab spreadsheet that tracks my schedule as well as when I get paid and who I worked with. I also started tracking my mileage by game.

I have a summary sheet that shows me by year/sport/league/level how many games I worked and gives me a total $ fiure for the year.

I keep my actual schedule of games and meetings in MS Outlook which interfaces with my cell phone so I always have my schedule with me.

With this set up I have been able to:

  • track who is a "late payer"
  • track how many games I've done for a particular school or disctrict
  • Correct my assigners bill/Arbiter for cancelled games
  • give my accountant accurate mileage figures

There's probably more but thats all I can think of right now.

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You sound ultra organized. My efficiency consultant would probably love your system. Thankfully all the games I'm assigned come in through Arbiter. I carry in my car a 3 ring binder. The first section is all of the contact info for all of the umpires in my association, plus when I'm scheduled to work with someone I program them in my cell. The second tab is a rules summary for each league (we support 18 leagues with 14 rules subsets). The third section is printouts from Arbiter of the individual game info.

I place a check mark on the top right corner for each game when I receive payment.

The other 2/3 of the page I use to record notes on the game; ejections, situations, where I did something well, where I screwed up. I don't mark who won or lost or the score, just things I need to know.

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