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Found 3 results

  1. Last night I was watching Greg Gibson work the plate. From my vantage point (not terribly close, down LF line) I noticed that he seems to initially set up a bit behind F2, then as F1 is about to release, he leans way forward and almost puts his chin on F2's inside shoulder. It was then that I realized that although he wears a bucket, he doesn't use a throat guard, and his neck is very much exposed when using that "look in" thing that he does.
  2. Our Association is having a dandy time dealing with this topic, I would like to get some feedback on how this is handled. The situation is using a FED rule set under 6-1-2. The discussion centers around the current fad of the pitcher standing in the windup position with THE HEELS OF BOTH FEET touching the front edge of the pitcher's plate prior to delivery. Can the pitcher legally deliver a pitch from this position? Our rule interpreter says no. However, a reading of the BRD Section 406 denotes, "In the windup position the pitcher must stand with his non-pivot foot on or behind a line extending through the FRONT EDGE of the pitcher's plate. (6-1-2) PENALTY: ball/balk if a pitch is delivered." Carl Childress notes that at a TASO state meeting in January 2010, he asked Kyle McNeely (NFHS Rules Committee Member): "Is that legal?" Answer: "Yes." Several Association members indicated they recalled a picture or mechanigram showing this as illegal, while several others remember something very different (I am sure that sounds familiar to many of you on this website)!! Any help you can add to put this to rest would be appreciated.
  3. I keep hearing about the two schools of thought about the different ways to keep your shoulders. Do I keep them square to the pitcher or do I have my shoulders facing inside? I was hoping for pros and cons about both. See attached pictures.
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