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  1. Or perhaps they are reading these forums. I have no first hand experience but I have been told by more than one vendor that what we write here gets more attention than we realize. Not necessarily isolated to UE but internet forums in general. If I were a supplier I know that I would want these places singing my praise.
  2. Nate, the first thing that comes to mind watching that video is the whole arguing with a pig in the mud thing. The ump was certainly enjoying Earl.
  3. I get my work boots from Nicks Boots as they are one of only a couple of manufacturers that make custom boots. I'm hoping to avoid having them make me a pair of $500 shoes to umpire baseball. I wish I could wear regular Red Wing and Wolverine steel toe shoes but none of them fit. I can only hope there is enough give in the New Balance shoes that I can wear them for a few hours. Reebok...I don't buy their hockey gear either. For the same reasons as stated here. Graf skates are made to fit and I'll be going to these this year for hockey after several seasons or so-so fitting skates. A
  4. I ordered the 995 base shoes because they came in the EEEE width. MAybe they are more true to size than the 350/450. I even called to make sure they were EEEE and asked about returns. Should I have to send them back I'll let you guys know. I don't know what I'll do for plate shoes as I haven't found any that are EEEE. My shins have an instep guard but that doesn't do anything for the toe area. I'll see what I can do with my shoes and shins when I get them. Perhaps I can even fashion a removable extra long instep guard that I could velcro to my shoe laces. I'll just have to see what
  5. Uh Oh...my shoes are already ordered. I'll wear them awhile around the house and we'll see how they work. I asked before I ordered them so i know I can return them if need be. Thanks Michael. Dan
  6. Shoes....These are a problem for me as I wear a size 11 F (that's wider than a EEEE). Most of my shoes have to be custom made in order to get my feet in them. I'll be giving the New Balance EEEE shoes a try but the jury is still out until I work with them some. As for the white logos...I think you guys already know how I feel about those.
  7. UIC I believe the more I think on this that you have hit the nail on the head. While I am new to baseball officiating I'm not new to officiating and baseball and I have always been a traditionalist. Perhaps I just perfer things the way I remember them. IMHO if a company is making a quality and/or superior product they don't need a great deal of advertising as their products will stand by themselves. I am with the rest of you guys in that I simply won't sacrifice my level of protection. However, if brand A has enough logos on it to make me look like I'm purchasing their products because of
  8. Is it just me or do any of you guys find the visible labels and references to other leagues on our gear gaudy? Maybe its just me but I do not like this at all. I am pretty new to umpiring baseball but not officiating in general, particularly ice hockey. I go to a great deal of trouble to remove and mask over labels on my hockey gear and most other guys I know do this also. Tonight I placed an order for gear and had everything lined up and ready to push the button. However, I just couldn't bring myself to buy the mask and shins I had picked out. I could probably have removed or covered up
  9. More really good info. Thanks!! I have been joking about applying hockey rules to baseball here but that whistle thing I believe will be something that I will really have to work at. One of my co-workers, also a hockey ref, asked me to count how many times I reach for my whistle during a baseball game. As a guess I'll say it will probably be more than ten!! The guys who got me into this were very forthcoming with info on what they do and what the requirements are. It breaks down something like this for our area. For all levels our pants are heather grey, navy shirts for LL and HS, pow
  10. Guys Thanks for all of the great info!! I was wondering about reading material I should be looking into. Good to know that others my age have started for their first time or returned. I'm getting MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) pouring over equipment and gear. I can pretty well afford almost any of this gear but I'm being cost consious as well. Things like wondering if combo pants will fit well enough over three knee shins and such. I'll get it all nailed down soon enough. As I type I am remebering some of the bumps and bruises I used to get when being a human backstop for a hard throwing p
  11. Better late than never I suppose. I say that I’m late as I am over 40 and just getting started. One day just minding my own business I went to meet a couple of buddies at a Legions Game. Seems I was also in the company of one of the Legions Umpire’s while just watching the game with my buddies. Talking about the game and what was going on lead to the inevitable situational talk between us. After an hour of exchanges my new acquaintance stated that I must be an Umpire. After replying that no I wasn’t an Ump but had been a catcher he introduced me to his supervisor and you can put thin
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