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  1. hello gentlemen I have a Japanese mizuno mask with spider throat guard for sale. Have had for a few years. It's in great shape. I wore it for a couple years of pro ball. I am switching back to the bucket and would like to use the money to purchase a bucket. I paid well over 300 for the mask. I would like to get 200. I have pictures I can send via text. Please message me with offers. Sooner this happens the better.
  3. I wouldn't wear that throat guard for anything
  4. I point to first mostly because of the HBP that can happen near the hand, they may think that I have called foul, so I point to first to let everyone know I have a HBP. My partners know I am not asking on a check swing because if I was asking I wouldn't have called time first.
  5. If its something that's not obvious here is what I do. Lets say the batter gets knicked on the elbow or belly. I will call time and take my left or right hand and hit the part of the body that got it and then point down to first.
  6. It doesn't say he can either
  7. where does it say int he rules he is allowed to stay during warm ups
  8. So in high school, when a coach comes out to make a pitching change, when does the coach have to go back to the dugout?
  9. OK then tell what do you think I should do?
  10. They said they have measured the pants, and I have a pair of combo Smitty pants and they look better than the plate pants I rcvd last week. IThe reason I just got a refund and went with the GD is bc I know the GD pants are a true plate pant and wont have to worry about them being too narrow around the legs.
  11. Why would I re buy a product that UA says isn't what I want? I want true plate pants, obviouslt Smitty cant figure out how to make plate pants, so I am not buying that brand from anyone. I called GD and ordered their plate pants. They are the same price and I know they look good.
  12. I spoke with UA, they are refunding my card after I send them back. So I am sending them back and will either be purchasing GD or Honigs pants.
  13. Im anxious to see what Myra will do. I don't want Smitty plate pants and that's all they sell.
  14. I used to work pro ball, but am trying to keep cost low. I did try them on prior to being hemmed and they looked fine at the time, but after being hemmed, they look too skinny.
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