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  1. Pics and price on diamond plz
  2. So basically any lightweight mask with Wendy pads will work?

  3. Would you trust the champion or champro against jv jr high fast balls

    1. wolfe_man


      I've wore the Champro Lightweight mask doing JV and Legion baseball, so yes.  It's really light.

  4. I appreciate the response was impressed you know your equipment I have a steel mask I like it it's just too heavy I'm doing jv baseball and jr high ball so decisions decisions

    1. wolfe_man


      I'm at same level and I understand the conundrum. :D

      Lots of good stuff out there. Most masks are decent masks.  Some are lighter, very few offer better views, so really you're paying for name and material (titanium, magnesium, etc.) but the cost for a few ounces lighter can run over a hundred dollars. 

      Hollow steel masks frames are about 16-17 ounces... titanium and magnesium are about 14-15. Now, to a major league umpire or college umpire, that may make a difference, but to you and I at our level - not worth the extra money in my opinion.

      Good luck!

  5. I'm looking at a couple different masks , the force 3 is out budget restraints I've looked at 2 different masks wanting some opinion on the Diamond big league and the Wilson steel dyna lite pros and cons for both and an other input be appreciated
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