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  1. I cannot think of a situation off the top of my head where a batter hit by pitch is not a dead ball situation. I'm sure someone will come up with an exception here, which is partially why I'm posting it. I don't think it's going to happen, but I am curious.
  2. NC shut down effective midnight tonight until April 6 at which time it will supposedly be re-evaluated. Go figure there's rain today. Who'da thunk it, right?
  3. I think you'd have a perfectly valid argument, but in this case, you're already picking it up by the dirty end. I'm not sure the best thing to do isn't just to put it down as quickly and peacefully as you can.
  4. And I think I'm sure I knew that, but thanks for re-affirming it. That's what this forum is for.
  5. OK. Ya gotta tell us what ya did and who went ballistic. Details, please. And don't leave anything out.
  6. Senor Azul usually has the answer. Some don't like it sometimes, but he always has it.
  7. Everything in me wanted to dead ball this and call him out on interference with the dropped third but I can't get past the fact that (apparently) the bat hit a pitched ball directly while still in pitch/play.
  8. {I'm smelling trouble on this one.} From what you described, I've got a foul ball. Batter back in the box 0-2. Runners return. Assuming the catcher never made contact with the ball, of course and it all happened in front of him.
  9. {Grabs popcorn and indicator to count the number of posts after the answer.}
  10. WilsonFlyer

    Foul ball?

    I agree. 100%. Something in me expected more dissention than that and I'm not sure why.
  11. WilsonFlyer

    Foul ball?

    Here's a question. If you're on the plate, are you signaling that fair or doing nothing? Seems to me that signaling it fair gives the defense an unfair advantage when they should know this. Let the wars begin. See? We can start them on simple cut and dry plays.
  12. WilsonFlyer

    Pitchers Glove

    Kids these days. They're all future major leaguers ya know. #Stars
  13. WilsonFlyer

    Pitchers Glove

    I admit I haven't seen one yet, but this is where the catch-all "umpire's discretion" comes into play with regards to pitcher's glove colors. I'd have to see it myself during warmups, but there is leeway in the rule for us to have it removed if we deem it a distraction. Edit to add: I've Googled some pics of the gloves you're talking about and it seems that many of them have silver metallic as a primary color. This is a no-go with me as it falls in the gray in the gray/white rule. "Coach, let's find him another glove."
  14. WilsonFlyer

    Foul ball?

    First touch in fair territory. Fair ball.
  15. "There's enough trouble out there without having to go look for some." 999-9-1 I use this rule a lot.
  16. I think this is a question for the sanctioning body. In NC, for example, middle schools play under NHSF rules but it is not the sanctioning body.
  17. Great. We're officially giving them permission to get away with it until they get caught. Fantastic idea.
  18. Good information. I could adapt to that quite easily. I like it also. Going to talk to my regional supervisor about it. It makes a lot of sense to me.
  19. What is the "new" MLB signal? I don't know that I've noticed it.
  20. I sometimes carry a bar with me in the back of the truck depending on the level and who I'm working with.
  21. WilsonFlyer

    Long fly ball

    Ah. That would be Mike Collins. Aldrin was too busy just walking around.
  22. I found it humorous sitting among my non-umpire friends last night with all the comments basically saying, "Well, all of these guys are running outside the running lane (In fair territory) and they're not calling anything. They must have really gotten an ass chewing for that horrible call last night." Trying to explain to them that it's nothing if nothing happens is like trying to talk to a brick wall. I decided to just enjoy my beer(s) and the Nats' win.
  23. And an immediate dead ball at the instant it's touched, would be my ruling as well.
  24. When Holbrook dies, they ought to bronze his balls and hang them over the roadway leading into Cooperstown. The end.
  25. WilsonFlyer

    Dead ball

    From a couple of posts here, it sounds like HS umpires don't even get any respect here. That's sad, because most of us work really hard and many of us do Dx ball also. If those guys are doing legitimate Fed HS baseball, they should have known better. If they are NCAA umpires and posing as HS and softball umpires, that speaks for itself, but they still should have known better than to blow back a called dead ball. The drunk in the stands in RF knows that.
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