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  1. Earlier Version F3 chest protector and shin guards never used, the chest protector is a little dusty from being in storage and it will need a harness. Shin guard size is 16.5 $190 plus shipping, will consider offers ****ALL SOLD*******
  2. And if you search the cases under this rule (I think) you will find a case that's nearly identical to the OP. yes, but nothing mentions the line the runner must take to get to first, He can just run from the front of the dugout straight across the field to first?
  3. I know the uncaught third strike has been discussed alot but I can't find any info on the BR if he is across the field, sorry if this has been discussed before, I'm a newb, I searched and couldn't find anything regarding the runner Under NFHS HS rules, First base unoccupied, B1 leaves the batters box after an uncaught third stike and heads to the dugout, neither he nor the catcher realize the ball was caught on a bounce to the catcher. He is 5 feet from the dugout (has not entered) and realizes he can make an attempt to run to first, what is the legal running path that he is allowed to ta
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