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  1. In all scenarios as described, in both ASA and FED rules, the batter would be out. I could see it being called foul in situations 2 and 3 if the ball made contact with a fence or other out of play area before being caught, but otherwise I have no idea what could have happened there.
  2. At a tournament a couple of years ago that I was at, PU left to help cover a rundown between first and second... with R3 and 2 outs. R3 crossed the plate at some point around the time the tag was applied to R1. Since neither umpire had any idea if R3 crossed the plate before the tag or not, they (not kidding) flipped a coin to determine if the run counted or not. Somehow, both coaches agreed to this. (The offensive team won the flip and the run counted).
  3. Great game tonight! Pony game finished 3-1 in 1:35, well played by both sides.

  4. High school science teacher (chemistry and physics)
  5. btw

    'Real' Jobs

    HS chemistry and physics teacher - schedule is pretty open from mid-May through the end of July. Makes it a lot easier. P.S. sitting here posting this while at home because of a snow day. In April. Crazy. Hope the weather improves, season starts for me in 16 days!
  6. Had to delay the start of a game this past season because PU forgot to bring his mask with him from the dressing room. He was watching F1's warmup pitches when he realized it, thankfully.
  7. btw

    Plate Meetings...

    It happens most of the time around my area. I usually just address my comments to the coaches and get things going as quickly as possible. I agree that it's annoying, but I'm not going to tell them not to come out.
  8. On a related note, how do you all adjust when you get a hitter that really crowds the plate? There is one kid who I see a lot that stands almost on top of the plate (but still in the box) with his elbows out. If the catcher sets up inside I have a really hard time with that pitch. I have had the best luck so far with getting lower, but I still don't like the view I get there. Thoughts?
  9. Welcome back! Glad you made it through student teaching, too! You have to enjoy paying someone in order to work a full-time job. Congratulations and welcome back!
  10. Probably not where these guys learned it but ASA (softball) manual teaches tracking with a "slight movement" of the head as the pitch comes in.
  11. btw

    Batter's Out Of The Box

    That makes more sense, especially if it would have been ruled a delayed dead ball.
  12. btw

    Batter's Out Of The Box

    Agree with the immediate dead ball, but what would the ejection be for?
  13. Congrats on joining! Great to have another Husker on the site!
  14. Just finished it yesterday. Great read and a good way to get ready for umpiring season (I start Saturday).
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