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  1. When you are living in Europe (Norway) buying equipment always involves costly shipping, import taxes, handling fees etc. etc. Fifth Region Officials Supplies have very low shipping cost to Norway and have a descent collection of Umpire Equipment. Has anyone any comments on Fifth Region Officials Supplies ?
  2. :wave: Well……… maybe not. Every year Europeans are traveling to different umpire clinics in USA. This clinic is a great opportunity to learn from the master himself without spending time/money to cross the big pond.
  3. Wil Devils field - Wil - Switzerland 15 - 20th April, 2012 Join us for an exciting, fun and informative clinic with veteran Major League Umpire Jim Evans Read More
  4. Hi and welcome to this forum. It is nice to see a fellow umpire from Europe John (Umpire # 9, Norway)
  5. Welcome. Nice to se a fellow European. It’s -17 Celsius outside and the skiing season has started and it five months to opening night in Norwegian baseball – It’s going to a long winter. :cheers:
  6. Welcome to this excellent forum:yippie:
  7. I have ordered some (or according to my wife- a lot ) equipment from Ump-Attire.com, this time I spent 400$ . If I have lived in the US I would have got free shipping (because I order for more than 300$) but I have to pay 82.35$ for shipping, and it gets worse. I have to add 100$ in Norwegian taxes (25% VAT) and 20$ handling fee in Norway. Living outside US is expensive! (With all the extra costs I pay 50% more for my equipment)
  8. I am 100% Norwegian and fell in love with baseball after being on holidays in the US. Umpiring is going to be my way of taking part in this great game (shoulder problems = not playing)
  9. Amarillo. I live East of Oslo, work in the city, but I have been at Kolsås many times.
  10. More on the volcano ashes and Norwegian flights http://www.norwaypost.no/news/air-travel-still-limited.html. The clinic was supposed to be held in Stavanger on the West coast of Norway (a 50 minutes flight from Oslo)
  11. It was the weather and the fact that all flights was cancelled due to volcanic ashes from Iceland that cancelled the clinic
  12. Still two weeks until opening day in Norway (yes - the little land on the other side of the pond) and we got more snow today . This is my first year as an umpire, but the first umpire clinic was canceled because of the weather, so I am just a "umpire wannabe" :shakehead:
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