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Ejection Totals


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The only thing I consider when reflecting my ejection totals are 1} was it a good/bad ejection 2} did I miss any ejections.

Bad ejections + missed ejections = possible demotion/termination and loss of credibility with my peers and supervisors.

When I work my summer schedule, a missed ejection can lead to more problems than bad ejections. You can always rein yourself in. Not being able to pull the trigger is realllllllllllllllllllllllllly bad.

100% agreement. Every ejection should be looked at to see if it was a good ejection or a bad ejection. It is like an officer involved shooting, it needs to be looked at to see if it was allowable. Bad ejections need instruction by the trainer or mentor to ensure it doesn't happen again. An umpire with no ejections needs to be watched to see if he handling situations properly. Excessive ejections also need to be looked at for the same reason. Sometimes a guy can have a higher ejection rate because he is being given highly volatile games, where it is fine. Other times he may not have the rules knowledge or game management skills and ejects often to stop situations. This is why you can't brag on having a very low rate or a very high rate, those numbers may be skewed for the wrong reason. That is why I asked home of shiner beer to post some situations, to better judge if his people skills are that good or he is putting up with too much crap. If he has excellent skills then he can help by sharing, if he is just not ejecting enough, maybe we can help him see the light. That is what makes internet boards a great source.


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