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  1. My usual partner for college softball games was selected to go this year. She was the only umpire from Canada that was selected. Haven't see her since she got back. I''ll see her in a couple of weeks when college softball starts up again.
  2. Doing an U18 game last year. I was in C, RHB hits a screamer right at me about a foot off the ground I leaped into the air and landed on my back. Ball never touched me F6 played the ball and threw to F3 who promptly dropped it. I gave the safe signal while still on my back. Everyone got a great laugh out of that one.
  3. Well the doc says I am still cancer free and he gave me the green light to umpire again this year. So begins my 57th year. Had a couple of High school game and a U14 softball tournament last weekend. Two college Softball coaches asked me if I am available to do their games. So I am back for another year!!
  4. This is not Fed FP but I believe the rule is the same where I am. (Canada) A foul Tip is a batted ball that goes directly from the bat to the catcher's glove or hand and does not go higher than the batter's head; and is legally caught by the catcher. It is a strike and the ball is in play It is not a catch if it is a rebound, unless the ball first touched the catcher's hands or glove if the ball is not legally caught it is foul ball.
  5. I have been UIC of the last two U10 provincial grand championships in Canada and this is the wording from Softball Canada Official Rule Book: Rule 6.1.c "Before commencing the delivery (pitch), the pitcher: Must have both feet on the ground within 61.0 cm (24 inch) length of the pitchers plate. The hips shall be in line with first and third bases and both feet must be in contact with the pitcher's plate". So if she is not in contact with the pitcher's plate she can practice her windup all she wants. I can find nothing in the rulebook that says otherwise. I umpire softball up to the co
  6. Typhoon

    Nasty Fans

    Last year I was doing a U12 girls softball tournament. It was supposed to be a friendly tournament. My partner was a 15 year old and it was his first year of umpiring. In the first game he was on the dish and the AC started on him, agreed he was a little erratic but not all that bad. Well this AC really started to get loud, so I said to him nicely "cut the kid some slack it's his first year." AC said look at his strike zone pitches are way outside. I replied they don't look that bad. AC says then you need glasses. Goodbye AC!!. They make it to the final I'm on the dish kid is BU. Some of his c
  7. Having had a urostomy 2 1/2 years ago I know something about his problem. I thought my umpiring career was over, but I researched the problem and came up with a company called "Stoma Guard". I ordered one from them and have used it for 2 years now. It is made of a rigid plastic with replaceable foam cushions on the edges. It has a 2 in wide elastic belt that is adjustable via a hook and loop fastener. It also comes in 3 sizes. It is comfortable and seems to fit the contour of the body a bit better than the one pictured. I wear it for all games and I umpire behind the plate right up to senior m
  8. Typhoon


    Just what game were they playing? There is a variant of slo-pitch called three pitch, where the pitcher is a member of the offensive team and he/she pitches to there own team. If a batted ball hits the pitcher, the batter is called out. There is a ladies league that plays this game locally. I refuse to umpire them, They play 9 innings with no time limit and no mercy rule. Scores in the neighborhood of 45 to 37 are not uncommon. So it makes for a long evening. Also they are not very ladylike especially after 4 or 5 innings and they have been having a few refreshments from the coolers on the ben
  9. Last year I was called to umpire a U16 game. One of the coaches was my son-in-law, and the first baseman was my grandson. That was 3 generations of my family were on the field for that game. Tony
  10. Another update: Last year went really well, I had a great season. I Went to see the doctor again for another checkup and the first thing he said was "congratulations on being cancer free for 2 years" . I thought that last year would be my last year umpiring and that I would retire. I feel so good that I am going to give it another shot again this year. Did a high school game today and did not feel out of place, so begins my 56th year of umpiring. I got a phone call tonight asking me to umpire a college tournament (softball) on May 1. Of course I said yes. Just like the energizer bunny I keep g
  11. Well here we go again. I am going to give it another season. There is still no sign of the cancer and I feel pretty good so I will give it another year, my 55th as an umpire. The only problem is a torn meniscus in my right knee. It doesn't seem too bad but I see the surgeon next Tues. and we will see what he says. I have been given 5 high school games next week as well. Physiotherapist says if they scope it I'll be out at least 4 weeks. Tony
  12. Well I have been diagnosed with a torn meniscus in my right knee. I see the surgeon next week. The Physiotherapist said that it would probably take 4 weeks to get back on the field. Also I am 73 years old and may take a bit longer to heal than a 21 year old. In the meantime I have been scheduled 5 high school games next week.
  13. And just what other rules would you choose to ignore, enlighten me!!
  14. Been almost 2 years since I had an ejection. U12 OBA Championship tourney. R3 & R2 Going to give Batter an intentional walk. First pitch ball one, second pitch and the catcher steps out of catcher's box before the pitch is delivered. Not just a little he was way out. Partner and I both called BALK and sent runner home from third. Game over, then $hitstorm erupts..Coach is saying that we let the other team call the game ( they happened to notice the balk as well) blah ,blah, blah. Then the U12 catcher starts going beserk . Yells "you can't end a game on a call like that You F*****g A$$hole
  15. ssaumpire: ASA rule is different than Softball Canada rule, see this thread:
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