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  1. Thanks for clarification just wanted your point of view. Cheers
  2. You would award 2 bases to the offensive team when it's the odb not paying attention that caused the ball to get lost? Would you do 2 bases from last throw or from the pitch?
  3. Calling the game from behind the mound all I can see is every ball and stroke being argued.
  4. ssaumpire

    out on appeal

    Absolutely right case closed
  5. Going to have to agree. But we all know the sun can be our worst enemy
  6. I remember this story. They apparently did a whole extensive back ground check on him
  7. You get the odd adult team that complains about almost everything or the teams where every player believes they are the coach or captain.
  8. ssaumpire

    runner at 3rd

    They are both right
  9. Unless that player makes it to first it's considered an inning ending strike out. It's most definitely treated as a force out
  10. ssaumpire

    force or time?

    For sure it counts. A tag up is a force play for the fielder not having to tag but it's still a time play for the offense
  11. Even if fielder never touched the batter knocking it loose it is still safe 100% of the time
  12. The batter is most definitely out and the run scores because on a dropped third strike the ball is still live it would be played like a passed ball runners may advance. I think I may have posted this twice... once as a guest sorry if it comes up twice
  13. If there is a runner at 1st the drop 3rd strike rule not apply If there is less then 2 outs. I would call time if the throw was made and the runners remain where they are and batters out.
  14. The only time the white bag can't be used is on a force play at first unless the baseman it's coming in from foul territory
  15. If the short stop was the first person to throw the ball on a legitimate play to first then it would be 2 bases from time of throw since the force on second was first play. (If the ball out of play was made on first pay it would be 2 bases from time of pitch)
  16. You need to have some respect here. We don't throw each other under the bus. Umpires convene where coaches can not snoop and you tell each other exactly what was seen. As a pu I wouldn't even address the coach just meet with my partner and decide on the correct call
  17. He is right. If the ball is caught and he tagged up then force is off. But since he retreated willingly he is still FORCED to return to second base
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