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  1. Looking for Nike titanium mask for any has one they want to sell please let me know
  2. Used S/M Wilson Gold Chest Protector for $100 Plus Shipping cost
  3. Brand new Mizuno 122 mask with a SSK spyder throat guard for $250 plus shipping cost Used Wilson Titanium mask with the throat guard cut off and a Mizuno mask strap $150 plus shipping cost a SSK spyder throat guard with the black plastic cut off $40 plus shipping cost Wilson Non-Wrap Around Memory Foam Mask Pads for $20 plus shipping cost I would also trade for a Nike titanium mask.
  4. Im sorry its a S/M let me know if you are still interested in it.
  5. I have one I've only used for a few games. I can send you some pictures of it on Friday.
  6. Does anyone have a Nike titanium mask they are looking to sale?
  7. I wish I could be there but I will be in the Dominican Republic for winter ball.
  8. Hello, The Wendelstedt Umpire School is returning to the Southern California area to host the SoCal Umpire Classic in Pomona, CA November 21-23, 2014. It will include classroom, cage instruction, and field work conducted with live play by local high school teams. You will have an opportunity to improve your skills and make connections at this event. Scholarships to the professional umpire course will be provided to top students, and other prizes and give-a-ways will be offered, including MLB tickets to 2015 season games. Come and join us to make yourself the best umpire you can be at the mos
  9. What camp are you going to?
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