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  1. Great price, however they don't seem to carry numbers on the site
  2. What numbers are the ones that go one these shirts? I know that it is not a normal colored number
  3. Where's the best site to get the new style umpire shirts? I am looking for the light blue. Also, I noticed Ump-Attire carries the shirt, but they do not carry the numbers for them? Any sites that carry both the shirt and the numbers?
  4. I think there isn't a better combo then the black mask with the black (mizuno??) TP.. especially with the black shirt.
  5. Hey all, I've been watching a lot of games recently and observing the umpires as I normally end up doing when watching a game. I was wondering what mask is most frequented by the MLB guys? We talk a lot about the Diamond mask as well as the All Star fm4000, but I don't see these a lot? I mean it's hard to tell because I know a lot of them change pads and things like that, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what they are using.I'm talking FM not HSM, as they are pretty easy to tell. Thanks!
  6. as we say in Maine....that TP looks "Wiiiicked Shaaaaarp" :rock
  7. Actually it was Alphonso Marquez Actually, it was Alfonso Marquez :shrug:
  8. Play at first, giants first baseman drops the ball and has it roll to the dugout. first base umpire Ed Hickox (sp) punches him out, as the ball is fading away to the dugout, and then about 10 seconds later signals safe. We have been tearing into the LL ump who did this, know one of the pros has done the SAME THING if not worse. No vid up yet, but im sure by the PM hours saturday there will be video on youtube, you can also see this on sportscenter.
  9. I know the 'standard' for softball umps is powder, but does anyone wear other colors? Cream? Black? I am starting a travel softball tourney on the 30th and wanted some opinions.. Thanks blues!
  10. Got em' today, and can already tell I'll love them! Never worn plate shoes, but they seem so light, and comfy!
  11. I work with 9-12 year olds for now, hope to move up soon. All my games are on a volunteer basis, I'd love to upgrade, but that's not feasible until I start getting paid.
  12. http://www.sportsdepot.com/images/allstarcpu29.gif
  13. Hey guys, I thought i'd update you on my "gear hunt". Thanks to other umpires in my district and my LL, I now have the following.. (2) Heather Grey Pants (Dalco) (1) TOC Pro Blue SS (1) Dalco Navy Blue SS (1) Honigs Cream SS (1) Dalco Powder SS (1) TOC 2010 UV Black SS (1)+POS LL Jacket (1) Pro Style Jacket; Black TOC All star plate gear (Vest, Ultra Light Mask (sun shield) and shin guards, and I also have NB plate shoes on the way. I'm very fortunate to have all of this stuff as it is only my second year of districts, but I started when I was 14 (4 years ago) and hope to do midd
  14. WOW:clap: I have been umping since I was fourteen and four years later I don't have anything nearly that nice! My bad on saying I could use the platinum, didn't realize you donate to your league :clap:
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