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  1. I took a foul ball off the throat guard in a Palo game. The throat guard flew off and I sustained a minor cut. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if I wasn't wearing that throat guard.
  2. He was in the A position watching the whole thing take place. I honestly don't know why he didn't come over to help. He's been umpiring for many years and I would think he should know better than to stay away when one of his partners is in a situation like that.
  3. I worked 3 tournament games on Saturday and the second I worked behind the plate. In the bottom of the first, a lefty comes up. He stands with his right foot on the front line of the batter's box and swings at the first pitch, sending the ball into right field for a double. His foot was on the line when he made contact, but the defensive coaches in the first base dugout were saying his foot was completely outside the box. I had all three coaches yelling at me, saying things like, "you're taking the game away from the kids", and one of them actually came out and put his foot in front of t
  4. I have used it for one game so far. I haven't taken any shots off of it yet, but it's really comfortable. I hardly even know it's there and it absorbs the perspiration very well and looks great!!
  5. I start fall ball Saturday with the possibility of working two games back-to-back. I have been struggling with decisions on what equipment to buy. I get almost all of my equipment from Ump-Attire and have talked to Mr. Kirk several times concerning the type of cp to get. I finally decided on the Wilson WV Gold. It fits great and isn't bulky. In two days I will get the chance to use it and we'll see how it works for me. BTW, I would like to put in a plug for Ump-Attire. They not only have good deals on top-of-the-line equipment, but they also have great customer service. They ship qui
  6. I was at a Mets game against the Mariners a week ago and I noticed that when there was a runner on 3rd, the 3rd base umpire actually had BOTH feet in fair territory. I was specifically looking at his positioning throughout the game, and he used that position in several situations. Other times he straddled the foul line.
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