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  1. Hey all, Up for sale is my Nike Titanium mask. This thing is in GREAT shape. Only worn for about 1 season, and has been treated like royalty. This thing pretty much looks brand new. I'm looking to get $330 plus shipping. Send via paypal as friend. Selling frame only. I do have another thread open with some other stuff for sale... bundle some stuff together and I'm sure we can work out a price discount. PM me if your interested. Thanks!
  2. This is a long shot, but @BalkHawk you still got this for sale?
  3. @umpirepdx It is
  4. Hey! @Thunderheads Indeed you have! LOL Yes this mask is definitely extremely light!
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to get rid of stuff that has just been sitting in the umpire closet. PM me if interested; pics upon request. All payments sent as gift to a friend via Paypal only. Prices DO NOT include shipping. 1. Gray/Black Wilson Wrap Around pads-like Brand New RARE (used once) $60US 2. BRAND NEW Wilson memory foam pads SOLD 3. Wilson memory foam pads (used 5 times) SOLD 4. Wilson two tone wrap around pads (BRAND NEW, but some coating chipping) $20US 5. BRAND NEW Mizuno mask harness $30US 6. Brand NEW Wilson MLB mask harness (sides have been cut) $ 5US 7. Black Team Wendy mask pads (used 1 season) SOLD 8. Tan Team Wendy mask pads (used 10 times) SOLD 9. UA XL Black Ball bag (used 1/2 season, but in great shape) SOLD
  6. PM with offers, am tying to get rid of this stuff.
  7. @Stk004 The throat guard isn't attached using electrical tape, he uses the electrical tape to help hold his TW pads lower in his face mask. The throat guard is just part of the mask. Just like a throat guard on a wilson and Nike. He got it customized from Japan.
  8. @JDavis225 nope, the original throat guard is still on there. The TG is just over top.
  9. List has been updated
  10. Prices reduced
  11. wow, thats terrible. I'm in the same boat as rjdakin, feeling lucky to have one retrofitted. I'm sure this will most likely lead to an increase in resale value of already retrofitted CP's.
  12. Is there anyone who has a link to the original one from 2012?
  13. Hey all, I'm in the market for some new plate shoes, and am trying to research some other products, as I have been wearing the New Balance 460's since they came out and think its time for a change. I was wondering if anyone on here knows what kind of shoes Will Little is wearing? They look different, something I haven't seen before. Here are a few pictures. Thanks!
  14. @midtnump I've got a set of brand new Black Nike pads. I've also got 2 brand new sets of Wilson memory foam pads, some used TW, and Wilson wrap around if you are interested. Pm me with an offer if you'd like. Thanks
  15. Here is a great video describing RLI...
  16. WOW! So just because it's a "critical situation" when the umpire (in this case being U3) gets asked to appeal the possible check swing on the batter by the PU (who doesn't actually have the best look on check swings) and and in his JUDGEMENT rules it a swing, it's a rookie move...? Whether Tripp was right or wrong, thats his call to make, and as an umpire, the main focus at all levels is to ALWAYS get plays right. Now this doesn't always happen, because we are human, but we DO NOT not make a call because of the situation.
  17. Maybe. Or maybe thats where he wanted to take the play at the plate. When I mentioned 3blx, I was just making an example up. You are right, 3blx is not always the best spot, but more and more instructors are teaching PU's to take most of there plays from 3blx, but it's all up to the umpire and his judgement on where he things he can get the best look, and more of the time there won;t be just one spot, but constant little adjustments.
  18. New Mask to add to my collection...
  19. In pro mechanics, fair/foul balls (being a bunt, or what we see in this video) are up to either the 1B umpire, or the 3B umpire when there is a runner on third base. For the reason that MObetterBlue said, so PU can get into a better spot for the play at the plate. Aside from the video, another example would be a squeeze play where the batter bunts the ball up the first base line. The 1B umpire would take the fair/foul so PU can get into the best position for the play at the plate; which would in this case would be 3blx. The PU would not be able to get into that spot, if he has to stay on the line for fair/foul. Therefore, when you have extra umpires on the field, you utilize these mechanics to give your partners the chance to be in the right spot and get the best possible look. This mechanic is utilized in pro 3 man, and 4 man mechanics (and probably college but not 100% sure about that.) As a side note, just in case any of you guys are curious, this mechanic is signalled usually by a paired pointer and middle finger together (refer to the picture) with a slight sideways turn in the wrist. (The hand in the picture is not my hand, got the pic from GOOGLE )
  20. Here is a cool video about Todd Tichenor, and what it's like to be a big league umpire...