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Found 6 results

  1. At a rather large softball tournament over the weekend where I was working 14U softball. Batter looked at two really good pitches to strike out looking and I rang her up. On her way back to the dugout I hear somebody, who I assume is her father, tell her to swing the bat and stop being a little btch. I obviously didn't step in and say anything. Would any of you say something to somebody?
  2. Guys: A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to work a couple of All Star games for MajorDave's favorite organization. The games were broadcast on mlb.com live and are posted on that site now. I thought I'd post the links for you guys to view and provide feedback. I don't expect anyone to watch all of either of the games but if you have a few minutes take a look and let me know what you think. I had the plate for one game and the bases for the other. One thing I'd ask before you provide whatever constructive criticisms you have. Will you try and find something I did right? I tend to focus on my mistakes and take for granted the things I've mastered. It can be something simple like, " You're surprisingly athletic for a fat guy". 14U Link http://m.mlb.com/video/v52999083/class-of-2020-amateur-allstar-classic-14u/?c_id=mlb http://m.mlb.com/video/v52999083 13U link http://m.mlb.com/video/v52999183/blue-takes-down-white-133-in-the-13u-allstar-game/?c_id=mlb http://m.mlb.com/video/v52999183
  3. kylehutson

    USSSA vs FED

    I've searched this online, and found this forum because of that searching. Seems like a friendly place to ask a question, so thanks for letting me join in! I started umpiring several years ago for a rec league that uses FED rules. I'm now in my second year at the high school level, also using FED rules. I was asked to work a tourney next week that is using USSSA rules. I've looked and haven't even found what USSSA rules are other than http://www.usssabaseball.org/rules-by-laws . Those 13 pages don't even come close to covering all the rules, so do they use OBR except the ones on this list? If so I can consult http://www.stevetheump.com/nfhs_pro_rules_dif.htm , which I've seen widely cited. If not, what do I need to know to go from FED to USSSA?
  4. I do not contribute too much original content on this site, but here is a story from this past season with insight on the level of ball I hope to move out of, an odd situation, and a failure on my part. Setting is an USSSA sub-state 7U coach-pitch tournament. I am working solo. With R3 and R2 and one out, B1 knocks one out of left field for a homerun. I move out to the center of the diamond to watch touches. Offensive team crowds around home to celebrate. Third base coach comes down to try to hold them back. R3 touches home with no problem, but R2 makes it to the dirt circle and decides he is too good to touch home then directly joins the crowd. As the BR is approaching home, third base coach realizes the missed touch and physically tries to hold BR back from touching home. The BR, who was upset his moment was being ruined, struggled with the coach to make it home. R2 realizes why this is happening and rushes to touch home. Even with the effort, the BR touches home a few seconds before R2. I enthusiastically point at home then freeze for half a second, embarrassed I turn and hope nobody saw. I then started to work it out in my head. I figured that R2 would be out on appeal because his retouch was nullified by the BR's touch of home. I also figured that the BR should be out for coach interference, but since no one seemed upset about it, and I failed to call it in the moment, I would leave that can of worms alone. The play stood with no outs and all runs scoring as there was no appeal. Later in the inning the defense asks if I called the kid out for missing home. I say, "No, there was never an appeal" "Like at any other base?" "Yes" "Oh". While no one was upset about the play, there was no protest, trash thrown on the field, or even argument, I was not happy with how I handled it. I feel that I should have immediately called the BR out for coach interference when my point and "instinct" told me to. Taking the run off the board and recording the out. Also then if there was an appeal, B2 would also be declared out for the missed base leaving three outs, only one scoring and the end of the inning. That being said I submit a few questions to the community. Can I call coach interference when the ball is already dead? If so what are the mechanics, do I still announce Time! or just declare the runner out? Does a following runner touching a base nullify any possible retouch by a previous runner like my current understanding of the rules? How in the heck are appeals supposed to be conducted in 7U coach pitch? Can I have a deadball appeal from a coach like FED, or do I need a 7 year old to actually get the ball from the Offensive pitching coach and tag the base? Thanks for considering this mess.
  5. I worked 4 games of USSSA ball and the level of play was pretty rough; however I was more miserable at the careless lack of effort from my partner. For instance: Fly ball down right field foul line, we are working two man system of course, and I go out on the trouble ball from the "A". I am half way between the outfield fence and the 1B bag. The ball lands fair, I point it fair and turn towards the infield with the throw. At this point, I s**t a brick as I realize my partner is still "camping" behind the plate. BR rounds 1st and heads two second for "thankfully" a stand up double with no throw. Here is my question: I have never worked with this guy. He is significantly older than I and in the parking lot said he had years and years of expierence. How should have I addressed this post game? Keep in mind this was game #1 of 4 total. Needless to say, I told him we missed a rotation and explained it and he said "Ah no one noticed, no biggie" The day got worse as took the stick. R on 1st, no outs, a line drive in the gap, I rotate down towards 3B, throw is accurate and kid is dead to rights at 3B, tag is applied to left hand. I stand up ready to bang it out, but training told me take a look over my right shoulder and see my partner. Good thing because he at that moment is signally "a safe call that looked like a eagle flapping with closed fists" calling him safe. So I immediately turn and jog away from the base in an effort to seperate myself from the play, hoping the coaches don't realize I was in better position. Thankfully it worked. How would you have handled this situation? Nothing makes me miserbale more than working with a guy who doesn't care and I am working my A** off . I could be home with SWMBO and enjoying my weekend.
  6. Working a 13u tourney this weekend. I had the plate for a semi and the final game. After the semi I am walking out of winning side dugout. One fan asked me if we were playing on the same field. Then another fan said he hoped I wasn't going to be there that I don't belong behind the plate. That I almost lost them the game. (It was a run rule game) I go to the coach and tell him that the fan has to leave and won't be allowed at the next game. Well, the director not only let's him stay but pulls me of the plate.
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