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  1. OK thank you for the clarification
  2. beerguy55 wrote. "What is the ODB batter allowed to do with their bat while they're walking to the batter's box...they have to keep it on their shoulder? They allowed a couple of practice swings...they allowed to stretch the bat over each of their shoulders? Careful how far you legislate this." I would say that approaching the plate to get your at bat is the time to take a couple of swings, While everyone is aware of your coming up to bat. Swinging between the catcher and dugout opening while practice balls and players chasing them are in that area is dangerous
  3. this is the rule as per the Little league Rule book Rule 1.08 Note 1. The on deck batter position is not permitted in LL Major Division and Below A,R, Fenced in areas may not be used for an on deck batter Note 2, Only the first batter of each half inning will be permitted outside the dugout between half innings in LL Major Division and below/ A.R. The next batter should be ready with a helmet on, but may not pick up a bat until it is his/her turn at bat Note 2's A.R. does not state that the First batter of each half inning can swing a bat. wouldn't swinging a bat outside the dugot be considered "on Deck"?
  4. I am under the impression that there are no on deck batters in Little league with the exception of Seniors, I prohibit all other divisions from having anyone swing a bat prior to their turn at bat. In my opinion This includes the first batter of the inning. I always interpreted the rule as the first batter of the inning can come out of the dugout but can not swing a bat until he/she steps to the plate. Am I missing something?
  5. I have gotten opposing views on these questions, I would like to know your view. Little League Rule Set, are pitchers allowed to wear Data wristbands on their non-throwing arms ? Is the Batter/Runner automatically out if he runs back towards Home Plate? Thanks for your time
  6. thank you for the clarification
  7. Little League Senior Division, I
  8. Hi all, new to the site but certainly not new to the Blue. Umpiring for about 15 years now all levels (except Pro) Now I'm retired and living in South Florida volunteering my time to the kids of my city. I hope to be able to learn as well as advise in any way I can. Call em like you see em!! Cheers , Johnny Rotten
  9. Here is what I use, I made it by cutting a groove, inserting a piece of aluminum and CA gluing into place, It works great
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